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Maude Apatow proves fame can't save you from a dad's embarrassment

Maude Apatow is just like the rest of us, obsessed with One Direction, proving why fans find the “Euphoria” star, and her character, so relatable.
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Judd Apatow and daughter Maude Apatow attend a Netflix event in February 2020.Charley Gallay / Getty Images for Netflix

“We talked to your dad, and we have a video” — the words of any daughter’s nightmare, even “Euphoria” star Maude Apatow.  

"The Tonight Show" recently featured Maude Apatow, daughter of writer and director Judd Apatow. And Maude was embarrassed in a way that only a father could.

After describing her experience interviewing One Direction at 14 years old, Jimmy Fallon brought out the video evidence, sent from none other than Judd himself. 

When Maude was a teenager, she had a popular Twitter following with ambitions of becoming a “child journalist,” she told Fallon. Due to her online fame, One Direction invited her to interview the band on their first trip to America. “It was like, the scariest thing in my life,” she said. And because that moment was so monumental, Judd had pressed play.

In the home video, the 14-year-old Maude has her hand over her mouth, shaking with excitement. As she prepares for the interview with 10 minutes to go, all she can let out is a screech, with a wide, braces-baring smile.

“What is that?” Fallon asks, mimicking the strangled sound with a laugh.

“I couldn’t even say words, they just weren’t coming out,” she said. 

Fallon then shows an image of Maude right before looking “so emotional” — eyes shut, forehead wrinkled in concentration — followed by a photo of the interview, where she sits cross-legged, notes in hand across from a couch with Harry Styles, Zayn and Louis Tomlinson, the figures of every early 2010s teenager’s dreams. 

But the home videos didn’t stop there. After Maude and her family saw One Direction in concert, her emotional reaction was again caught on film.

In the video, Maude sits on the floor of an elevator sobbing, head in hands. And in a classic younger sibling move, her sister, Iris Apatow, was having none of it.

“Maude, you’re fine,” Iris said, as the camera pans to show their mom, actor Leslie Mann, star of “This is 40.”

On TikTok, the interview clip received over half a million likes with many fans reacting to the relatability of her One Direction love:

“Never related to someone more wow,” one commenter wrote. 

“Maude is all of us.”

“Even further proof that Lexi is the most relatable character on euphoria.”

Maude Apatow's "Euphoria" character, Lexi Howard, has a prominent role in season two.
Maude Apatow's "Euphoria" character, Lexi Howard, has a prominent role in season two.HBO Max

Maude is best known as one of the stars of the hit HBO show “Euphoria,” which began airing season two on Jan. 9. In season one, her character, Lexi Howard, was stuck in the background, often serving as a reality check to Rue’s drug abuse and her sister Cassie’s boy troubles. Bustle has even hailed her as an example of “boring girl representation.”

The character is often hailed as the most relatable, when compared to the drug use and graphic sex lives of the rest of the ensemble. On TikTok, one user reflected that of course Lexi would be seen as the most relatable person on the show. 

“When I was in high school, I ate with the secretary every day, of course Lexi’s the only one you relate to,” the creator said. 

But this season, the character is expected to move into the forefront as she starts to reject her past passivity. 

In episode three, Lexi reflects that she has served as an “observer” of her world, imagining that her life was just one long movie she was directing. So to take action and make the "sidekick" the lead, she begins writing a play.

As Lexi moves toward a more active role in the show, fans have also begun supporting a potential romance for the character. In the season two premiere, Lexi and Fezco, played by Angus Cloud, struck up a flirty conversation at a New Year’s Eve party, leaving many anxious to see where the match could lead. Then in episode two, the character goes to warn Fezco about incoming danger, but only speaks a few lines of dialogue. 

“Lexi … getting all dressed up to go talk to a boy only to get too nervous to say anything has solidified her status as the most relatable character,” one TikTok said. 

On “The Tonight Show,” Maude confirmed that viewers can expect to see a lot more of Lexi in season two, adding that she thinks fans will be surprised. 

“I think people think my character is this shy, like sweet one, but I think she might be just as crazy as everyone else,” Maude said, to the shock of Fallon. 

“No, she’s not,” she teased.