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TikTok is going wild with predictions for season 2 of 'Euphoria'

With budding romance, tension and drama, each episode brings a new wave of fan theories

Since its anticipated season two debut, "Euphoria" is seemingly all the internet has been talking about. 

As soon as each episode streams, you can all but guarantee the latest viral TikTok sound is a song used in the show — see Steely Dan’s “Dirty Work” and Gerry Rafferty’s “Right Down the Line” — followed by subsequent TikToks of users claiming they “heard it before it was on Euphoria.”

But what’s really got fans talking is the predictions of how this season is going to go down. And with an entire excruciating week between each episode release, you can bet fans have time to analyze.

Wherefore art thou Romeo?

Rue and Jules' newly official romance is a focal point of this season.
Rue and Jules' newly official romance is a focal point of this season.Eddy Chen / HBO

Since season one, fans have been theorizing about the show’s parallels to the classic tale of Romeo and Juliet. Rue and Jules, wearing a tux and angel garb respectively, mimic the famous lovers in more than just their initials in the sixth episode of season one. Jules even recites lines from the play while swimming around in a pool at a party.

The rumors about Shakespearan themes haven’t stopped this season — one TikTok user theorized that Tupac playing while Rue was in the car and Biggie playing during a scene with Jules symbolizes the rappers’ famous feud and the Montague and Capulet houses. 

“In other words, Rue and Jules’ relationship bout to go to HELL this season,” the user wrote.

Rue and Elliot’s relationship as a mirror to the past

Newcomer Elliot and Rue begin a friendship in the season two premiere.
Newcomer Elliot and Rue begin a friendship in the season two premiere.Eddy Chen / HBO

Fans are also running with the parallels between scenes of Rue’s dad, who died of cancer, and newcomer Elliot. In two moments from the first and second season, Rue pulls away and falls into the arms of both her dad and Elliot in a near-identical clip.

TikTokkers have several theories on the similarities:

One comment on a viral video speculated that Elliot will only worsen Rue’s drug addiction because her addiction started when she took her dad’s medication. As we’ve seen in the first few episodes with the two doing drugs together, this prediction has serious weight. Others think it’s a full-circle moment, with Elliot helping her heal an empty spot her dad left.

But a lot of online chatter thinks it’s a bad omen — that it might hint at the death of our new friend Elliot.

This season’s lovebirds 

Lexi and Fez are an unlikely pair, but fans are ecstatic for this romantic plotline.
Lexi and Fez are an unlikely pair, but fans are ecstatic for this romantic plotline. Eddy Chen / HBO

Lexi Howard seems to be the fan-favorite this season. The younger, more introverted sister of Cassie Howard finally gets her spotlight and we even see her come out of her shell and direct a play in Sunday’s episode. But what has TikTokkers talking most is her relationship with drug dealer Fezco, and the hope that this bright flame in an otherwise dark show will stay lit.

Most of the comments on a TikTok asking users to share their Lexi and Fez predictions are simply pleading that the shows’ writers keep them together.

Others worry it won’t be so easy: “He’s gonna push away his feelings for her to keep her safe,” one user predicts. Another theorizes “It’s gonna be a right person wrong time situation I fear 😭”

With Lexi’s newfound confidence, many think she’ll make an unexpected move. Some users even theorized good-girl Lexi would get involved with his drug business. 

What we don’t know is how slow this slow-burn romance will progress, but we know it’s agonizing.

That scene of Jules in Nate’s fantasy about Cassie

Season two sees Nate entwined with complicated family and sexual relationships.
Season two sees Nate entwined with complicated family and sexual relationships.Eddy Chen / HBO

Episode two saw a pretty explicit fantasy scene of Cassie while Nate was unconscious in the hospital, but there were also a couple shots of Jules intertwined — so quick you might miss it. 

Why was Nate fantasizing about Jules at the same time as Cassie?

Fans of the show remember Jules and Nate’s volatile and secretive “relationship” last semester, in which the two chatted over a dating app for months, Jules never knowing Nate’s identity because of the fake name he used. It was revealed at the end of the season that he was only texting her to blackmail her to protect his father — the same father who had a sexual encounter with underaged Jules and recorded it. 

But was there an ounce of truth in their online relationship?

“He doesn’t actually love Cassie,” one TikTok user theorizes. “He is still very much in love with Jules, and Cassie is a vessel for his true fantasies.”

Though the first few episodes of season two have shared some clarity, fans still have many unanswered questions. Who was that mysterious man with the black screen when Kat was in her camgirl phase last season? Could it be her new boyfriend, Ethan, or perhaps another character? What was up with that weird interaction between Maddy and the babysitting mom? Some fans theorize a mentor relationship, and others have wilder theories about a potentially sexual relationship. And is Nate gay? After Maddy’s “sexuality is a spectrum” plea to Nate last season, the Internet is torn — and they sure are passionate about it.