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Here’s what ‘Euphoria’ fans are predicting after this week’s episode

With two episodes left to go, new drama and loose ends keep "Euphoria" fans guessing. 

#Fexi fans, check your pulses — it looks like the “Euphoria” episode seven promo spells trouble for Fezco.

Episode six, which aired on Sunday, saw some Fez and Lexi hand-holding, Ali re-entering Rue’s life and bonding with her family, a whole lot of tears from Cassie and a turbulent scene with Nate, Maddy, a gun and the tape of his dad and Jules. 

The promo for episode seven centers on Lexi and her play. Even with split-second shots that could hint at potential plot lines, viewers aren’t holding back on the fan theories. Here’s what “Euphoria” fans are talking about for Sunday's new episode:

Fans are worried about how the next episode of "Euphoria" will fare for Fezco.
Fans are worried about how the next episode of "Euphoria" will fare for Fezco.HBO

Is Fez in danger?

“Euphoria” writers have been teasing trouble for Fez for the last few episodes. In episode four, Fez hears that people are beginning to look for Mouse, his supplier whom his brother, Ashtray, killed in season one. We also found out in episode five that Custer, Mouse’s assistant, is cooperating with the police and that they are looking into Fez and Ash as suspects in Mouse’s disappearance. 

In the episode seven teaser, Fez is dressed to the nines with a bouquet of flowers and a card for Lexi. He tells her, “Of course Imma be there,” as she gets ready to debut her play at the school. Still, we see another shot of an empty chair and Lexi peeking out through the curtains. What follows is a tease of a seemingly hostile interaction with Ash and Custer.

“I always had this feeling that at any moment, something horrible was about to happen,” Lexi said in the trailer.

It's an anxiety-inducing thought for #Fexi enthusiasts — is Fez not at Lexi’s play because the police got to him and Ash? The fan-favorite character is causing a stir on social media, and fans are replying to HBO’s promo tweet distraught over the bad omen.

“Wait, is this f------ play about us?”

The episode seven trailer also shows the main ensemble seated watching Lexi’s play, which has represented the high schooler developing her confidence this season: “It's like the first time in my life I’m doing something for myself,” she said in episode six.

As the audience, we’ve known throughout the season that this play is a replica of the show itself from Lexi’s eyes — Cassie drama, Rue’s addiction, Nate, the whole nine yards. But in episode six, Lexi seemed to be having second thoughts about putting it on.

Lexi's play is slated to be the focus of episode seven.
Lexi's play is slated to be the focus of episode seven.HBO

“I’m getting anxious it’s going to upset people,” Lexi tells Fez in the promo, followed by an upset Maddy in the audience saying: “Wait, is this f------ play about us?”

Fans originally theorized that Maddy would find out about Cassie and Nate’s relationship from the play, but maybe there are more details from Lexi’s point of view that the play will unveil. It also seems like Ethan, Kat’s now ex-boyfriend, is in the play. How will this pan out with a Kat-inspired character in the production?

The long-awaited Cassie and Maddy showdown


We have yet to see the fallout between Maddy and Cassie after it was revealed in episode five that Cassie and Nate have been hooking up. Fans were hoping for a showdown in season two’s sixth installment, even referring to the anticipated fight as “the real Super Bowl.”

This episode featured a lot of ruminating on the situation from both girls, from Cassie’s mom and sister Lexi lecturing Cassie about the bad-friend move to Maddy asking for advice from the mom she babysits for.

But with a scene of Maddy banging on a door and telling Cassie to open up from the promo, we can tell something big is about to go down. Many are predicting a physical fight between the two — see this fight scene at 1:04 from the season two trailer of a familiar blond ponytail being slammed into a hair dryer.

With Cassie going to stay with Nate at the end of the last episode — “I ruined my entire life for you,” she tells him — it seems her and Maddy's friendship is broken beyond repair.