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Drew Sidora wants ‘Real Housewives of Atlanta’ co-star Porsha Williams to come back

"Give me my friends!" Sidora told TODAY in an interview that also addressed rumors about her business and drama with cast mates.
Drew Sidora
Drew SidoraStephanie Eley / Bravo

Drew Sidora joined the cast of “The Real Housewives of Atlanta” last season, and her tenure on Season 14 — which began on May 1 — proves she’s here to stay. From her friendships, her relationship with her husband and her new business ventures, Sidora is offering viewers an even deeper look into her world. 

Now in its fourteenth season, The Real Housewives of Atlanta stars Kandi Burruss, Marlo Hampton, Kenya Moore, Shereé Whitfield, Sanya Richards-Ross and Sidora as they traverse their lives in the ATL. “RHOA” a mainstay in Bravo’s hallmark franchise (which recently went international), is known for its dynamic storylines, hilarious confessionals and more — a promise season fourteen is delivering on.

Only four episodes into season fourteen, it’s clear that there’s already enough drama brewing for an exciting reunion. As to who Sidora is most excited to confront at the taping, Sidora said, “For whoever wants to come from me, I am ready to go, and that goes for anyone.” 

TODAY chatted with Sidora to dive into what’s happened so far on season 14, and all that’s to come.  

THE REAL HOUSEWIVES OF ATLANTA -- Pictured: (l-r) Sanya Richards Ross, Drew Sidora, Kandi Burruss -- (Photo by: Darnel Williams/Bravo)
THE REAL HOUSEWIVES OF ATLANTA -- Pictured: (l-r) Sanya Richards Ross, Drew Sidora, Kandi Burruss -- (Photo by: Darnel Williams/Bravo)Darnel Williams / Bravo

Why Sidora likes sharing her marriage to Ralph Pittman with America

Since her start as a housewife, the cameras have focused on Sidora’s relationship with his husband, Ralph Pittman. Sidora and Pittman have been married since 2014, getting engaged after three months of dating. They are raising three children together. 

In the show, Sidora and Pittman’s marital struggles play out. The show casts Pittman in an unfavorable light, going as far as to call him a gaslighter in a Season 14 episode title (“All Aboard the Gaslight Express”).

For Sidora, seeing her relationship on television has been more beneficial than it has been challenging. “I don’t think any marriage is perfect, but it holds us accountable to say, you know, we don’t want to keep showing up like this, so we’re doing the work. We’re both staying committed. Now we’re in a different place,” she said. 

Watching the drama unfold months after it took place offers added perspective … and sometimes a bit of tension, which Sidora chalks up to growth. “I’m thankful because we were having these problems before behind closed doors, but I think now that it’s happening in front of all of America, it really makes us want to do something and change for the better,” she said.

"Now that it’s happening in front of all of America, it really makes us want to do something and change for the better."

Drew Sidora

This season, Sidora and Pittman attend marriage counseling. Sidora said many fans have messaged her to share how she’s inspired them, and some have even asked for the contact information for her therapist. Sidora and Pittman’s therapist, Dr. Ken, is a familiar face on Bravo after counseling other housewives (NeNe Leakes on “RHOA” and Candiace Dillard Bassett on “RHOP”) through their life challenges over the years.

Sidora’s pre-Pittman relationships also come up this season. During a game with the fellow wives, Sidora explains that she went on dates with an unnamed NBA star, causing fans to speculate the identity of said basketball player. Sidora said she hopes to leave that relationship in the past, choosing instead to focus on her marriage and her life today.

The fallout from that game has changed Sidora’s approach to socializing with the “RHOA” cast members: “You can’t play games in this group. I’m just not gonna play games with this group.”

Sidora wanted more 'support' from her cast mates regarding her business venture

At the start of season 14, Sidora invites Burruss and Richards-Ross over to try food from her new lifestyle workout program, Drop it with Drew. Her description of the program serves as a catalyst for confusion, questions and shade from all of the housewives, as they don’t understand exactly what the program is. 

Then, when the ladies attempt to join the program, the website has an error, offering up more speculation. In a confessional, Hampton proclaims, “[it] ain’t nothin’ but a Facebook group,” followed up by Moore, “it’s giving…ponzi scheme.”

For Sidora, watching the ladies shade her new business was challenging. “I thought the girls would empower me and support me. Although it’s not perfect, I want it to be better, and I really wanted their feedback,” she said.

Sidora said that her fellow cast members' ventures have had their share of road bumps, too: “Let’s just say no one’s had the perfect journey in their business, so I don’t feel bad.”

Overall, the feedback caused Sidora to “step up,” taking on a more informed role and taking ownership for the crash of the website. Later on this season, the ladies will attend a Drop it with Drew event.

She's moving into music

Sidora shared "just a snippet" of new music on Instagram in May and said she has more coming.

Sidora said, “I’ve been doing music my whole life. It just never materialized in the way that I thought. So I just feel like now and when I put a little sample up, it was really saying like, do people want to hear from me in this way? And it was one of my best responses. So now I feel more confident. I just feel like it’s good timing. Like why not?”

She knows you're talking about the Twitter drama

Sidora said she has the most drama of all the "RHOA" cast members this season.

Season 14 kicked off with Sidora’s tension with Whitfield, after Sidora proclaims that her assistant once worked for Whitfield and wasn’t paid for his services. 

This kind of interaction wasn’t what Sidora hoped for with Whitfield. “Honestly, I wanted to build a genuine relationship with Sheree. She’s an OG. I was excited to meet her and hang out and get to know her, and it was just a big misunderstanding. It spiraled and it wasn’t my intention," Sidora said.

Sidora and Whitfield have continued to poke at each other on Twitter.

Commenting on their Twitter back-and-forth, Sidora said, “She tries me, and then I try her back ... You have to respect me, because at the end of the day, I’m gonna respect you because you are older, right? So instead of you passing down wisdom, you want to throw shade. So if you throw shade at me, now you’re on my level and we’re going to go at it T for T because I have to set that boundary and let you know that you’re not going to cross that boundary.”

After introducing Richards-Ross to the group, Sidora was disappointed in their relationship, calling her a "flip flopper," as Richards-Ross has begun to call Sidora out, not agreeing with Sidora's actions, but rather the perspectives of the other wives.

"She wasn’t who I thought she was," Sidora said. "I thought, 'She’s new to Atlanta like myself, we can turn up. But she’s not that girl, and that’s okay. She can take her a** back to the track where she belongs, because I think that’s where she’s heading.”

She misses her 'ally' Porsha Williams

Missing this season is Sidora’s friend Porsha Williams, who’s taking a break from the Bravo series. Sidora notes that she’d love to have Williams back next season (as well as former co-star Cynthia Bailey). She said jokingly, “Give me my friends!”

On whether Williams would be game to re-join the ladies, Sidora said, “I think it would be a possibility if things were right. I think she’s open to it. She’s really happy. She’s living her best life. She’s about to get married. And so I would love for everyone to see all this good happiness and vibe that she has now."

Sidora spills more about Season 14, her career and other Bravo connections 

Sidora answered a few rapid-fire questions on the things you know you've been wondering.

  • The “RHOA” cast members to whom Sidora is closest: Hampton, Burruss, Moore
  • The “RHOA” cast member most likely to show shade to your face: Burruss 
  • The “RHOA” cast member most likely to throw shade behind your back: Moore. Sidora elaborated, “Those confessionals give, and I’m like, ‘girl!’ I do have a good laugh. I’ll usually send a message like, ‘girl, okay, you got me, that was cute.’”
  • The “RHOA” cast member who serves the best looks: Sidora
  • The “RHOA” cast member who surprised Sidora most this season: Hampton. Sidora explained, “Marlo was just like high heels and fashion, but like we go into her house with the boys as a munty. Seeing that, seeing her as a businesswoman, and her vulnerable moments, what she’s going through with her sister. It was just really good.”
  • Sidora’s other friends in the Bravo-verse: Candiace Dilliard-Bassett, Gizelle Bryant, Lisa Barlow
  • On roles she wanted that she didn’t get to do: A role in "Empire" & a role as Lil’ Kim in "Notorious." She said she was "in a first position to play Lil' Kim" but "didn't feel comfortable with nudity."
  • Sidora’s biggest takeaway from season 14: “Don’t call somebody your friend too quick. Be slow to call people your friends, you know, truly get to know someone and when you see them for who they are, they show you who they are, believe them.”
  • What Sidora says to look out for the rest of the season: “Hold on to your edges, because it is great. I think everyone was just, you know, disagreeing and coming to blows with one another, and I think people will be really surprised where the season goes.”