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Meet the cast of 'Dated and Related' and how to follow them on Instagram

In the streaming giant’s newest reality series, siblings try to prove who is the best wingwoman or wingman.
The cast of Netflix's "Dated and Related"
The cast of Netflix's "Dated and Related"Netflix
/ Source: TODAY

On Sept. 2, Netflix will release “Dated and Related,” which the streaming giant has labeled “the most awkward dating show in history.”

The teaser for the reality series shows sibling duos (and one pair of cousins) living in a beautiful beachside villa in the South of France. The contestants compete in challenges and go on double dates to help their sibling find love. 

"I don’t know how to (feel)," cast member Corinna Roppo wrote on Instagram, ahead of the release. Julia Perfetto wrote on Instagram, "Soon you’ll be able to watch me and my big brother wingman each other." 

“Dated and Related” is hosted by Melinda Berry, who previously appeared on Season Two of Netflix’s “Too Hot to Handle.” With Berry’s help, each relative will be pushed out of their comfort zone as they search for a connection.

"Dated and Related" host Melinda Berry
"Dated and Related" host Melinda BerryNetflix

Throughout the episodes, Berry informs the contestants about new arrivals in the villa and she also surprises them with unexpected eliminations.

If you are curious to find out who signed up for Netflix’s latest dating experiment, check out the groups of siblings who are hoping to receive the title of best wingwoman or wingman in “Dated and Related.” 

Mady and Lily Bajor

Lily and Mady Bajor
Lily and Mady BajorNetflix

Mady and Lily Bajor are sisters who exude confidence and lightheartedness. They are very protective of each other, so they should be the perfect wingwomen. However, one Bajor sister becomes frustrated early on when she feels like her sister isn’t doing everything she can to help both of them find love. 

Mady Bajor

Age: 20

Hometown: Texas, USA

Job: Advertising student

Instagram: @mady

Lily Bajor

Age: 22 

Hometown: Texas, USA

Job: Cocktail waitress and student

Instagram: @lilybajor

Kaz and Kieran Bishop

Kaz and Kieran Bishop
Kaz and Kieran BishopNetflix

Although they don’t share the same features, these Brits are actually identical twins. 

Immediately when they step into the villa, the Bishops catch the attention of multiple sibling pairs, which means a love triangle (or square) is inevitable. The Bishops are hoping to pursue quite a few women and they will be involved in plenty of drama.  

Kaz Bishop

Age: 30 

Hometown: Essex, UK

Job: Firefighter

Instagram: @kazbishop_

Kieran Bishop

Age: 30

Hometown: Essex, UK

Job: Banking consultant 

Instagram: @kieranbishop__

Jason Cohen and Chris Hahn

Chris Hahn and Jason Cohen
Chris Hahn and Jason CohenNetflix

Jason Cohen and Chris Hahn stand out because they are the only pair on “Dated & Related” who aren’t siblings. The two New Jersey natives are cousins which should make them feel less awkward compared to the other contestants. But, Cohen and Hahn frequently use pickup lines, so they are not immune to having a few cringey moments in each of the episodes.

Jason Cohen

Age: 27

Hometown: New Jersey, USA

Job: Lifeguard and Jet ski instructor 

Instagram: @jasoncohenofficial

Chris Hahn

Age: 27

Hometown: New Jersey, USA

Job: Server and surf instructor 

Instagram: @chrishahnofficial

Dyman and Deyon Miller

Dyman and Deyon Miller
Dyman and Deyon MillerNetflix

The Millers might be the pair most committed to helping their sibling find love. The brother and sister duo have a strong bond and give each other tips about being successful in love. Older sister Dyman Miller spends most of her time in the villa getting to know the girls her brother is interested in. Meanwhile, Deyon Miller is one of the funniest people on the show–and the clumsiest.

Dyman Miller

Age: 25

Hometown: Florida, USA

Job: Medical assistant 

Instagram: dyman.miller (private) 

Deyon Miller

Age: 21

Hometown: Florida, USA

Job: HR manager and sports model 

Instagram: @itsdeyon

Diana and Nina Parsijani

Nina and Diana Parsijani
Nina and Diana ParsijaniNetflix

The second pair of twins this season are Diana and Nina Parsijani. With Diana’s ostentatious personality and Nina’s calm demeanor, the two balance each other out. They are so close that they even share an Instagram. As soon as they walk into the villa, they each have a couple men pursuing them. But, the Parsijanis are locked in on only one duo. They fall hard and fast. 

Diana Javidi Parsijani

Age: 29

Hometown: Oslo, Norway

Job: Jewelry specialist 

Instagram: @ninaxdiana

Nina Javidi Parsijani

Age: 29

Hometown: Oslo, Norway 

Job: Jewelry specialist 

Instagram: @ninaxdiana

Corinna and Joey Roppo

Corrina and Joey Roppo
Corrina and Joey RoppoNetflix

While big brother Joey Roppo is focused on ensuring his little sister, Corrina Roppo, doesn’t leave the show heartbroken, she is more concerned about finding her perfect match. Their bio in Netflix’s press release for the show sums them up as two, “kind hearted and would like to have a stable relationship with someone who matches their Christian values, fits into their active lifestyle and makes a killer addition to their volleyball team.”

Corrina Roppo

Age: 23

Hometown: Washington, USA

Job: Music teacher

Instagram: @corrinaroppo

Joey Roppo

Age: 28

Hometown: Washington, USA

Job: Customs brokerage manager 

Instagram: @joeyroppo

The duos who enter in Episode Three are…

Daniel and Julia Perfettos

Daniel and Julia Perfetto
Daniel and Julia PerfettoNetflix

The Perfettos are one of two sibling pairs that are welcomed into the villa just as relationships are developing. Daniel and Julia Perfetto are Italians, who come from Ontario, Canada. They are looking for a connection that matches the meaning of their last name — perfect. Maybe they will find what they have been searching for in the “Dated & Related” villa. 

Daniel Perfetto

Age: 25

Hometown: Ontario, Canada 

Job: Client care specialist 

Instagram: @danielperfetto_

Julia Perfetto

Age: 21

Hometown: Ontario, Canada

Job: HR associate and personal trainer

Instagram: @juliaperfetto

Alara and Ceylan Taneri

Ceylan and Alara Taneri
Ceylan and Alara TaneriNetflix

The Taneris also make a grand entrance in Episode Three. The brother and sister seem to have a genuine friendship and are much more relaxed compared to the other relatives. To stand out, they are going to have to risk leaving their comfort zones. Otherwise, they might not stick around until the final episode. 

Alara Taneri

Age: 22

Hometown: London, UK and Cyprus

Job: Fashion design student

Instagram: @alarateneri

Ceylan Taneri

Age: 25

Hometown: London, UK and Cyprus 

Job: Professional footballer 

Instagram: @ceylantaneri