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Cynthia Nixon responds to fans upset about how Steve is treated on ‘And Just Like That…’

Cynthia Nixon, who plays Miranda on the hit show, had an interesting perspective on Steve's story arc.
Trouble in paradise: Steve and Miranda are having some relationship troubles in the new series "And Just Like That...."
Trouble in paradise: Steve and Miranda are having some relationship troubles in the new series "And Just Like That...."HBO Max

Steve Brady was always the "good guy" on "Sex and the City," and many fans aren't happy about his character's storyline in the reboot series "And Just Like That..."

In case you haven't watched the show yet (spoiler alert ahead!), Steve, played by David Eigenberg, is dealing with some relationship woes. His wife Miranda, played by Cynthia Nixon, came out in a recent episode and has been eyeing a new nonbinary character named Che Diaz, played by Sara Ramirez.

Many fans aren't exactly thrilled that the lovable bartender from Queens could have his heart broken, and "Watch What Happens Live" host Andy Cohen asked Nixon about her take on the matter this week when she appeared on his show.

"Do you understand why fans are so upset about Steve's treatment in this new iteration?" he said.

Nixon certainly had sympathy for fans and Steve's character, but she also brought some fresh perspective in her response.

"I do, but I have to say that that’s the thing about breakups: oftentimes there’s one person that is making the breakup happen and the other person who is reluctant," she mused. "But I have to say that person who is reluctant is pretty miserable too, and they're just not admitting it."

While chatting with the 55-year-old, Cohen asked her for her opinion of Che Diaz's character, most notably her sense of humor.

"Is Che Diaz's comedy funny?" he asked.

The actor laughed and said, "I, and Miranda, think it is."

In addition to Steve and Miranda's relationship problems, Eigenberg ahas another interesting story arc in the series reboot: his hearing loss.

After the actor told showrunner Michael Patrick King that he got hearing aids in real life, the writers decided to work it into the show and make Steve partially deaf.

“That actually wound up being Steve’s tone about his aging (in the show),” writer Elisa Zuritsky told Vanity Fair.