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Christina Applegate says her daughter can go see new Walk of Fame star ‘when I’m gone’

The actor is preparing for her first public appearance since her multiple sclerosis diagnosis in 2021.

Christina Applegate wants to leave a legacy behind for her daughter, starting with her brand-new star on the Hollywood Walk of Fame.

The actor, who was diagnosed with multiple sclerosis in 2021, will be recognized during a ceremony on Nov. 14. And she's hoping that her star will serve as a special spot for her daughter.

“This is something that is going to be there forever. And it’s something my daughter can go see when I’m gone,” she said in an interview with Variety.

Applegate is mother to Sadie Grace LeNoble, 11, whom she shares with her husband of nearly 10 years, Martyn LeNoble.

Getting a star on the Hollywood Walk of Fame is a milestone for any celebrity, and to Applegate, it signifies "leaving your mark." The 50-year-old is no stranger to accolades but says this one means "more" to her.

Applegate’s ceremony, which was delayed from 2020 due to the coronavirus pandemic, will mark the first time that fans can see her in public since she announced her MS diagnosis.

“Now my life is a different story,” she said. “People are going to see me for the first time as a disabled person, and it’s very difficult. So, for me, two years ago would have been so much better!”

Still, Applegate recognizes that the moment will be a powerful one.

“But maybe this time it’s more poignant. I don’t know,” she said.

Christina Applegate stars alongside Linda Cardellini in "Dead to Me." Saeed Adyani / Netflix

Applegate's Netflix series "Dead to Me" returns for its final season later this month, and she opened up to Variety about what it was like filming the show when she got her diagnosis.

“I got diagnosed while we were working,” she said. “I had to call everybody and be like, ‘I have multiple sclerosis guys. Like, what the f---!’ And then it was about kind of learning — all of us learning — what I was going to be capable of doing.”

The on-set experience proved to be challenging, and Applegate was "sleeping all the time" and needed a wheelchair to get around. But she insisted that the show must go on, even when everyone else said they'd understand if she wanted to call it quits.

“But I was like, ‘No, no, no, no, no, no: We have to finish this story. It’s too important to our hearts; too important to our souls. And we have to give this gift, not only to ourselves — there are people that love these characters, and we’ve got to let them have their closure too,’" she explained.

"So, if that meant me having to take a break in the middle of the day so I could go sleep — or me just leaving because I couldn’t do anymore — then that’s what we had to do,” she said.