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Chip and Joanna Gaines celebrate network launch with never-before-seen audition tape

The pair traded jokes, reflected on their marriage and showed off their home renovation skills in their 2012 audition tape.

Ten years ago, Chip and Joanna Gaines walked into our lives with their renovation show, "Fixer Upper." The series, which followed the couple's journey as house-flippers in Waco, Texas, quickly became one of HGTV's most popular programs.

Unfortunately, after five successful years on-air, Chip and Joanna decided to quit HGTV to start work on their own TV network, Magnolia — and now it's finally here!

In honor of their new business venture and the couple's return to TV, the network shared Chip and Joanna's "Fixer Upper" audition tape from 2012 on YouTube. The tape has never been seen publicly before, and it's already creating a lot of buzz online.

Chip and Joanna Gaines sit next to one another while posing for a photo.Samantha Okazaki / TODAY

The clip starts off with Chip introducing himself and Joanna to the camera before the "Magnolia Table" author explains what they do for a living in a separate clip.

While standing outside of a home that's in some desperate need of repair, Joanna explains how she and Chip would flip a house and make it beautiful again.

"To me, I'm thinking, one out of 10 people in this market is really going to appreciate a house like this because it's really a box with a flat roof. So I sat in front of this house one day for an hour and started drawing things trying to get vision for it," she said. "And then I thought this could be a really unique house in Waco, Texas. So I'm excited about taking this one on and seeing what this thing transforms into."

In another clip, Chip explained how flipping homes reminds him of his relationship with Joanna. In May, the couple will celebrate their 18-year wedding anniversary.

"This house is really a perfect example of really the story of our lives," he said while standing out on the balcony. "It's got a lot of things that really stand out. It's got a beautiful kitchen. It's obviously got a spectacular lake view. But then as you walk around the property, it doesn't take long to really notice some things that need some serious attention."

"So once we give ourselves four to six weeks for the improvement process, we'll have this house on the market and I think somebody will come in and really appreciate the lake view, the kitchen, the bedroom-bathroom ratio, and I think this will be a wild success," Chip concluded.

Chip and Joanna Gaines pose for a photo together during an appearance on TODAY.Nathan Congleton / TODAY

The audition tape focused on demonstrating how the couple flips homes, but they also shared the sillier side of their relationship.

Chip hilariously asked Joanna, "Do you think our on-camera chemistry is coming out?" while affecting a funny voice. In another funny moment, he pretended to be an old man while helping Joanna put a room in the home together.

At the end of the casting tape, Chip tried to entice HGTV viewers by posing as "The Thinker," a renowned statue -- while sitting on a toilet.

“How could you not want to watch this show?” he teased. “Tune in!”

One moment of the tape is especially poignant considering how far the couple has come since filming it. Joanna showed off the first building she and Chip purchased when they got married.

"This is where it all started," Joanna said.