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Chelsea Lazkani of ‘Selling Sunset’ responds to claims that her English accent is fake

“Sometimes I think that I lost my accent. When people remind me that it’s there, I’m almost taken aback,” Lazkani told TODAY.

Chelsea Lazkani never expected to be living in L.A. She moved to California from London on what was supposed to be a short trip, but then met her husband, Jeff Lazkani, and stayed.

Now, Lazkani — who joined the cast of "Selling Sunset" in season five — is the show's first English agent. Speaking to TODAY, Lazkani said that she often forgets she has an accent.

"I think sometimes I forget, if I'm honest with you," Lazkani, a mother-of-two, told TODAY.

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Chelsea Lazkani of "Selling Sunset" says sometimes she forgets about her accent.Netflix

Lazkani is reminded of her accent through interactions with others. "I'm very opinionated. So sometimes, I'll just ramble on, and then people are like, 'Oh my god! You're British," Lazkani said.

"Sometimes I think that I lost my accent. It's only when people remind me that it's there that I'm almost taken aback, a little bit," Lazkani said.

Lazkani may overlook her accent, but audiences of "Selling Sunset" have noticed. Her accent has become a trending topic of conversation, with some viewers struggling to place its origins.

Other online commentators doubted the accent was even real.

Some Twitter users compared her accent to that of Anna Sorokin's, who spoke with an implacable, Russian and German blend that Julia Garner mimicked while playing her in the Netflix show "Inventing Anna."

Bolu Babalola, an English writer, gave her take. She said Lazkani's accent is "clearly British," but "posh international school / assimilated into LA British."

Speaking to TODAY, Lazkani explained she was raised in a British-Nigerian family, and has lived in locations around the world, which may explain her transatlantic accent. “I’m really worldly. I’ve lived in London, Switzerland, New York, New Jersey — now I live in Los Angeles,” she said.

Lazkani was just as focused on her accent as audiences. The new agent gamely responded to the chatter on Twitter, saying she "almost fainted" while listening to herself speak.

"If you think you’re irritated with my accent, Imagine me? I almost fainted listening to myself back. You mean to tell me this is how I sound?" she said.

Lazkani also addressed the fact that her accent has faded over the years, speaking to the viewers from the U.K. who said her accent was "off."

"All of my American friends that gassed me and said my British accent is still there and strong. The British people have spoken. They do not approve," she wrote.

After this response, Lazkani said "Inventing Anna" will never be the same.

Lazkani, accent and all, hope to return for the sixth season of "Selling Sunset," should the show be renewed. “I hope to hone in on some of those vulnerable, tougher moments. To show that it’s not all Dolce & Gabbana and Christian Louboutin heels,” she said.