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Chelsea Handler says it's okay to be childless by choice

During an appearance on "The Daily Show," the comedian gave a hilarious monologue on the difficulties of motherhood: "It even broke Marie Kondo."

Chelsea Handler is spreading the word that it's okay not to have children.

While appearing as a guest host on "The Daily Show" earlier this week, she talked about her views on procreation and said that it's time for people to stop putting so much emphasis on having kids.

"In America, and honestly, everywhere, motherhood is treated as a woman's central purpose in life, as if our destiny is to let a tiny stranger rip a hole through our Pikachu from the inside out. And then as soon as we turn 18, we're just supposed to sit back and wait for Nick Cannon to impregnate us," she hilariously said while referencing Cannon's 12 children.

Although Handler, who doesn't have any kids of her own, said that she has "infinite respect" for moms out there, she noted that motherhood can be "hard."

"It's so hard, it even broke Marie Kondo," she joked. "Tidying up was her life's work. Then, she has kids and was like, 'F*** it. Living in squalor is fine.' So it really shouldn't be surprising that some women aren't signing up. But many people aren't just surprised they're horrified."

"Childless women are seen as unfulfilled, unhappy, even the Pope has slammed us saying that not having children is selfish. First of all, I am not going to take procreation advice from a guy who's never even penetrated anyone. Well, not that we know of anyway," she joked.

When "The Daily Show" shared Handler's hilarious reaction to procreation on its Instagram account with the caption "Motherhood 👏 is 👏 not 👏 for 👏 everybody 👏," fans agreed.

One person commented, "Not Childless — Child FREE!! Thank you!!! 👏👏 So sick of defending our choices when we’ve got so much more to offer to the world than the ability to make a tiny version of ourselves."

Another said, "Loving Chelsea as a guest host. All the sad / scared men melting down in the comments is an added bonus."

A third added, "Motherhood is truly hard, and I am grateful for my kids. Not being a mother is a choice. Women who decide not to have children deserve to be respected rather than shamed."

This isn't the first time that Handler has shared her views on a child-free lifestyle, a growing trend. During a Jan. 12 appearance on TODAY, she said, “It’s important to know when you don’t have the skills to raise a baby. You know, instead of shaming people we should say, ‘Oh good, good for you for knowing that you shouldn’t have a baby!’”