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Candace Cameron Bure says she never asked to remove Miss Benny’s queer character from ‘Fuller House’

Miss Benny posted a TikTok sharing how someone on the show attempted to have her queer character removed.
/ Source: TODAY

Candace Cameron Bure is speaking out after Miss Benny posted a TikTok saying “one of the Tanner sisters” wanted her queer character removed from “Fuller House.”

On July 6, Miss Benny spoke about her experience playing the "first gay character" Casey on the fourth season of the Netflix series.

“I was on 'Fuller House,' I played Casey, the first gay character on the 'Full House' franchise,” Miss Benny began. “One of the Tanner sisters is very publicly ‘not for the girls’ if that makes sense? I remember I got sat down by the writers and the studio to basically warn me how this person, allegedly, was trying to get the character removed and not have a queer character on the show.”

The “Glamorous” star added that she was “warned and prepared” that the person’s fan base “might be encouraged to target me specifically.”

She continued by saying, “So, to this day, despite working on the show every day for two weeks straight, I have only had a conversation with one of the Tanner sisters.”

Miss Benny did not name Bure in the video. However, a comment reading, “Fuller house? Who was homophobic was it Candace?” is displayed on the TikTok.

In a statement to, Bure denied having any involvement in a request to get Miss Benny’s queer “Fuller House” character removed from the show.

“I never asked Miss Benny’s character to be removed from ‘Fuller House’ and did not ask the writers, producers or studio executives to not have queer characters on the show,” Bure said. “‘Fuller House’ has always welcomed a wide range of characters. I thought Miss Benny did a great job as ‘Casey’ on the show.” 

Adding, “We didn’t share any scenes together, so we didn’t get a chance to talk much while filming on set. I wish Miss Benny only the best.”

Miss Benny, on her end, added in her TikTok that the positive thing from the experience was “I had a really fun time shooting the show with all the other actors who were willing to talk to me.”

“The show ultimately led to me being on ‘Glamourous’ on Netflix. So everything happens for a reason,” she added.

Reps for Netflix and “Fuller House” creator Jeff Franklin did not immediately respond to’s request for comment.

In late 2022, Bure came under fire after saying she didn't expect her new network, Great American Family, to feature same-sex leads in its holiday films and would “keep traditional marriage at the core.”

After receiving criticism from celebrities like JoJo Siwa and actor Hilarie Burton, Bure released a statement saying her intention was not to offend or hurt anyone.

“I have long wanted to find a home for more faith-based programming. I am grateful to be an integral part of a young and growing network,” she wrote in part, adding that that “people of all ethnicities and identities have and will continue to contribute to the network in great ways both in front of and behind the camera, which I encourage and fully support.”

“I’ve never been interested in proselytizing through my storytelling, but in celebrating God’s greatness in our lives through the stories I tell,” she said.