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Pivot! Candace Cameron Bure re-creates memorable ‘Friends’ moment

What do you do when you need to move a couch around a sharp corner? Just pivot! And that's exactly what Candace Cameron Bure just did.
Candace Cameron Bure channeled a scene from "Friends" while moving a couch.
Candace Cameron Bure channeled a scene from "Friends" while moving a couch.candacecbure / Instagram, NBC

Candace Cameron Bure took some comedic cues from a famous sitcom while moving some furniture this week.

The "Fuller House" star shared a video of herself attempting to shimmy a couch to a set of a stairs on her Instagram page on Monday, and the scene looked oddly familiar.

In the short clip, the 45-year-old grabs one end of a blue plaid couch (it appears to be a replica of the couch from "Full House") and starts to round the corner as it approaches the bannister.

“It’s going out,” someone says in the background and Bure smiles.

At this point, a friend grabs the other end and helps the actor out. Together, they attempt to clear the sharp corner and dodge a dog who's standing nearby.

"Pivot!" Bure's friend shouts, and she echoes her sentiments before the brief clip ends.

In case you're not familiar with the infamous “Pivot!” couch-moving scene from “Friends,” it appears that that's where Bure drew inspiration from for her comedic stint.

The scene took place during a 1999 episode of the sitcom and involved three characters (Ross, Rachel and Chandler) attempting to carry a couch up a winding flight of stairs. While his friends lifted and twisted, Ross kept yelling “Pivot! Pivot! Pivot!”

“Friends” star Courteney Cox also re-created the scene in 2019 while she moved a table around a house. While three men did the heavy lifting, the actor instructed them from the sidelines. “Don’t scratch the walls!” she said. “Pivot. Pivot!”

Bure called out her "Fuller House" co-star John Stamos in her caption, writing, “Probably should have stayed home from work today @johnstamos 😏. *PIVOT!!”

He appeared to get a good laugh out of the video and replied, "A Ha!!! — that was the 'decoy couch' Candace Klepto Cameron. The real one is……"

The late Bob Saget's widow, Kelly Rizzo, also replied. "Bob still has the matching blazer ❤️," she wrote.

Bure's fans also seemed to appreciate the fun post and many of them recognized the couch.

"Holy crap is that the couch from the show??" one wrote. Another commented, "Full/Fuller House meets Friends! 🤣 LOVE it!! 🙌❤️."