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Hoda gets dance lesson from actor (and apparent funk master) Bryan Cranston

Everyone knows Cranston can act, but who knew he had moves like this?
/ Source: TODAY

Just call him “Dancin’” Bryan Cranston.

The six-time Emmy-winning actor gave Hoda Kotb an impromptu dance lesson when he stopped by TODAY on June 14.

Hoda shared a TikTok video of Cranston dancing at a wedding, set to Queen's "Don't Stop Me Now," while saying he was “tearing up the dance floor.”

“That’s called ‘crossing guard,’ when you’re crossing the street and you allow the kids to cross over,” he joked about the moves that he said he busted out at the wedding of Hunter Doohan, his co-star in the Showtime series “Your Honor.”

Hoda then asked if anyone can learn his moves, prompting him to move his upper body while still seated.

Bryan Cranston shows Hoda a thing or two about how to dance.
Bryan Cranston shows Hoda a thing or two about how to dance.Nathan Congleton / TODAY

“It’s just a little shimmy,” he said.

“Don’t Stop Me Now” then started playing and both Cranston and Hoda stood up to boogie to the music.

“Just kind of let it flow,” he said, as they both danced.

“You’re so loose,” Hoda said.

“Limber. You got to be like Jell-O,” he said, while she laughed.

“Just one of a million things to love about you,” Hoda said.

Cranston, who appears in the new movie “Asteroid City” and has recently clarified chatter that he plans to retire from acting in 2026, also showed that familiar flair for comedy when he introduced himself at the top of the interview following a clip of him speaking to Hoda and Kathie Lee Gifford at the Emmy Awards in 2008.

Get down, Bryan Cranston!
Get down, Bryan Cranston!Nathan Congleton / TODAY

“We’re back with one of our absolute favorites,” he began as Hoda cackled with laughter.

“Bryan Cranston — that was him, just back in 2008, just moments after winning his very first Emmy for his hit series, ‘Breaking Bad.’ 25 years later, there’s buzz about a potential retirement, but Bryan is here to set the record straight and chat about his newest role in the star-studded Wes Anderson film, “Asteroid City.’ Good morning, Brian.”

He then continued to go with the flow, as if he had just been introduced, feigning modesty.

“Good morning. Oh my God. Thank you. That was a little overwhelming, but I appreciate it,” he joked.