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Your official guide to the Bridgerton siblings' names, ages, and stories

Meet the family at the center of the hit Netflix series, and the focus of many a Lady Whistledown column.

In the heart of Mayfair, London stands a house with an emerald green door. There, you'll find the "shockingly prolific" Bridgerton family, made famous by Julia Quinn's romance novels and the recent Netflix adaptation.

Teeming with eight children and presided over by a widowed viscountess, the Bridgerton family provides enough drama and intrigue to keep London’s most notorious gossip columnist busy.

With their "perfectly handsome sons" and "perfectly beautiful daughters," as Lady Whistledown puts it, the family is the heart of the hit Netflix series "Bridgerton."

As you tune in for season two, here’s a guide to the Bridgerton siblings' names and ages, as laid out in Quinn's novels. If you still are struggling to keep track of all the Bridgertons, here's a trick: Their names are in alphabetical order, from Anthony to Hyacinth.

The Bridgerton family, from left, Hyacinth, Colin, Violet, Daphne, Eloise, Anthony, Gregory and Benedict.
The Bridgerton family, from left, Hyacinth, Colin, Violet, Daphne, Eloise, Anthony, Gregory and Benedict.Netflix

Lady Violet Bridgerton (Ruth Gemmell)

Violet looks out a window next to her eldest daughter, Daphne.
Violet looks out a window next to her eldest daughter, Daphne. Netflix

Everyone's favorite matching-making mama, Violet Bridgerton wants one thing for her children: True love, like the kind she had with her husband, Edmund.

With the help of Lady Danbury, Violet seeks out optimal matches for her children. She helps arrange the marriage of Daphne and Simon Basset in season one and Anthony and Kate Sharma in season two.

Edmund (Rupert Evans)

The viscount Bridgerton loved his children and wife dearly before his sudden and unexpected death. Edmund dies due to an allergic reaction from a bee sting at the age of 38, while Violet is pregnant with their eighth child, Hyacinth.

Season two of "Bridgerton" gives audiences a glimpse of the late patriarch through a series of flashbacks. In one, Edmund teaches his eldest son Anthony to hunt, emphasizing confidence and patience.

Anthony considers Edmund his hero and the greatest man who ever lived. In the book "The Viscount Who Loved Me," which inspired season two of "Bridgerton," Anthony can't imagine ever surpassing his father, even in age. Anthony is convinced he will die, like Edmund, at the age of 38.

Anthony (Jonathan Bailey)

Jonathan Bailey plays Anthony Bridgerton.
Jonathan Bailey plays Anthony Bridgerton.Liam Daniel / Netflix

Age: 30

Representing oldest siblings everywhere, Anthony Bridgerton balances the responsibilities of being a young viscount, the duties of caring for his mother and seven younger siblings, and the self-imposed pressure of doing it all perfectly. Perhaps that stress explains his temper.

In season one, Anthony attempts to lead Daphne through her debut season, and scares away most potential suitors as a result. With Daphne happily married, it's his turn to make a match.

Season two follows Anthony's attempts to find a wife — without the trappings of love. After witnessing the early death of his father and the grief Violet experiences afterward, Anthony resolves never to put another person through that same pain.

At the start, Anthony treats courtship like a job interview. But when he meets Kate Sharma (Simone Ashley), all of his carefully laid plans are destroyed. It's as if, as the soundtrack hints, Kate takes a "wrecking ball" to his life.

Benedict (Luke Thompson)

Benedict Bridgerton is an artist.
Benedict Bridgerton is an artist.Liam Daniel / Netflix

Age: 28

Benedict is desperate to find, and to make, his own way in the world. "Bridgerton" tracks his attempts to do so.

In season one, he is introduced to London's art scene, where he begins an affair with Mayfair's modiste, Madame Delacroix. In season two, Benedict continues to develop his penchant for painting and is accepted to the Royal Academy Schools.

Based on the order of the original books by Julia Quinn, Benedict's love story may be the focus of season three.

Colin (Luke Newton)

Luke Newton as Colin Bridgerton in season one of "Bridgerton."
Luke Newton as Colin Bridgerton in season one of "Bridgerton."Netflix

Age: 23

Charming and affable, Colin is the youngest of the eldest Bridgerton siblings. He ends season one in heartbreak. After falling for Marina Thompson (Ruby Barker), Colin concludes their hasty engagement after discovering she is pregnant. Following this disappointment, he embarks on a tour of Europe, starting in Greece.

In season two, Colin returns to the ton renewed and ready to focus on himself and his family. He enjoys his friendship with Penelope Featherington, the girl next door who harbors a secret crush on him.

What's next for Colin and Penelope? Well, at the end of season two, Penelope overhears Colin tell his friends that he would never court her — but Quinn's novel "Romancing Mister Bridgerton" would beg to differ.

Daphne (Phoebe Dynevor)

Daphne Bridgerton makes her societal debut in season one.
Daphne Bridgerton makes her societal debut in season one.Luke Daniel/Netflix

Age: 22

Daphne, the eldest daughter in the Bridgerton crew, is deemed "the diamond of the first water" by Queen Charlotte.

Daphne makes her societal debut in season one, instantly attracting a swath of suitors. Due to Anthony's overprotective nature, however, Daphne struggles to find a match. After she meets Simon Basset, the Duke of Hastings (Regé-Jean Page), they concoct a solution: Faking a courtship.

The duo's pretend attachment is intended to make Simon look unavailable and Daphne, desirable. The only complication for their scheme arises when their feelings turn out to be, well — not so pretend. Anthony catches the two kissing in the gardens of a party and orders them to marry.

By the end of season one, Daphne and Simon have reconciled their differences. Their "happily ever after" ending features the the birth of a new baby, August (nicknamed Auggie).

In season two, Daphne helps Anthony through his marriage pursuits. While her husband does not appear in the season, her infant Auggie does, eventually learning to walk by the end.

Eloise (Claudia Jessie)

Claudia Jessie stars as Eloise Bridgerton.
Claudia Jessie stars as Eloise Bridgerton.Netflix

Age: 18

Fan-favorite Eloise quickly establishes herself as the Bridgerton family's rebel, uninterested in the games of courtship and content to entertain herself with a good book. In season one, Eloise makes it her mission to unmask the writer moonlighting as gossip columnist Lady Whistledown. Now, in season two, Eloise faces her biggest challenge yet: a social debut.

In season two, Eloise grows more and more interested in women's rights. She meets a printer's assistant, Theo (Callam Lynch), who introduces her to a world of political activism. At the same time, her friendship with Penelope Featherington becomes strained as Penelope fights to keep her identity a secret.

Francesca (Ruby Stokes)

Ruby Stokes (center) plays Francesca Bridgerton.
Ruby Stokes (center) plays Francesca Bridgerton.Netflix

Age: 17

Chances are, you don't recognize Francesca, the Bridgerton sister with the least amount of screen time. In season one, Francesca is visiting her aunt in Bath. in season two, Francesca disappears after three episodes.

Her absence can be explained by very modern problems. Showrunner Chris Van Dusen explained Stokes had to leave set early to star in another Netflix show, "Lockwood & Co."

“I love Francesca,” Van Dusen told TVLine. “But we lost her midway through season two. After exhausting all other options, she unfortunately had to come out due to reasons beyond our control."

Van Dusen remains hopeful that Francesca will figure more into future seasons. "Perhaps season three will be the charm," he said.

Just a year younger than her older sister Eloise, Francesca may be reserved — but she is just as sharp as her siblings. One of the first lines of season one is Francesca's: "Are you to complain the entire day, Eloise?"

Gregory (Will Tilston)

Gregory and Hyacinth Bridgerton.
Gregory and Hyacinth Bridgerton.Liam Daniel / Netflix

Age: 13

Gregory is the youngest Bridgerton son. So far, he mostly appears in fights with his younger sister, Hyacinth. As the pair establish during a dinner squabble in season one, Gregory may be older, but Hyacinth is taller.

At just 13, Gregory and his younger sister miss out on most of the family's glamorous social events, such as balls and promenades. But the family always dines together at the end of the day.

In season two, Gregory bonds with Anthony over stories of their father, who dies when Gregory is only two. According to Anthony, Gregory shares his father's "love of a prank."

Gregory's story is told in the eighth and final book of Quinn's series. In "On the Way to the Wedding," Like his brothers before him, Gregory hopes to fall head over heels in love.

Hyacinth (Florence Hunt)

Florence Hunt (center) plays Hyacinth Bridgerton.
Florence Hunt (center) plays Hyacinth Bridgerton.Liam Daniel / Netflix

Age: 11

The youngest Bridgerton child, Hyacinth is born shortly after Edmund dies. She grows up bolstered her mother's love and her siblings' support.

So far, in "Bridgerton," Hyacinth is mostly seen pestering her older siblings. As she grows older, Hyacinth's cheeky nature and sharp wit only increase, making her the spunkiest member of the Bridgerton family.

In addition to many more love stories, "Bridgerton" fans can look forward to keeping up with the Bridgertons as the seasons go on.