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Bob Saget’s wife and best friends honor him in Netflix tribute first look

“Dirty Daddy: The Bob Saget Tribute” is slated to debut on Netflix on June 10.
/ Source: TODAY

In both life and death, comedian Bob Saget is bringing people together.

In an upcoming Netflix special titled “Dirty Daddy: The Bob Saget Tribute,” his wide circle of Hollywood stars gathered in Los Angeles to remember their late friend, who died unexpectedly in January 2022 after a fall in a hotel room.

In the tribute — filmed at iconic Los Angeles spot The Comedy Store during the "Netflix is a Joke" festival earlier this year — Saget's celebrity friends and widow Kelly Rizzo-Saget remember the late comedian and cope in the best way they know how: with laughter.

Slated to premiere on June 10, the streaming giant dropped a trailer for the special, which features John Stamos, Jeff Ross, Chris Rock, Jim Carrey, John Mayer, Darren Criss, Mike Binder, Jackson Browne, Seth Green, Mike Young, Michael Keaton, Candace Cameron Bure, Dave Coulier, Dave Chappelle, Tim Allen, Paul Rodriguez, Jon Lovitz, as well as Saget's daughters, Lara and Aubrey.

Rizzo-Saget appears to take the stage at one point to talk about her late husband.

"The most important thing to him was belonging to this club, to this group, being a comedian," she says in the video.

Kelly Rizzo-Saget in a leather midi skirt and button down cable knit sweater holds a microphone smiling onstage in front of Chris Rock, John Mayer and Jim Caery.
Kelly Rizzo-Saget speaks onstage at The Comedy Store during a tribute to her late husband, Bob Saget.Mathieu Bitton/Netflix

In the trailer, Stamos gets onstage and reveals the last text he got from Saget.

"I want to read my last text from Bob. It says, 'I love you so much. I will say that God gave me the brother I always wanted,'" Stamos recounts. "I said, 'Well you have a lot of God-given brothers but I’m first, right?'"

"And he said, '(John) Mayer’s an amazing friend but he’s more fair weather. You’re always there so you’re number one.'"

John Stamos in a black suit and dark colored button down shirt speaks into a mic onstage in front of a red neon light and red paper lantern.
John Stamos onstage during the Bob Saget tribute special airing soon on Netflix.Mathieu Bitton / Netflix

Mayer, who is also featured in the special, can be seen onstage behind Stamos laughing.

Stamos and Saget became close friends when they starred together on "Full House" from 1987 to 1995.

Stamos, in his eulogy at Saget's January funeral, echoed those sentiments about brotherhood.

“Bob, I will never, ever have another friend like you,” he said at the time. “You will always be my best friend. You are my new guardian angel — a guardian angel with the dirtiest mouth and a heart as big and benevolent as forever.”

Elsewhere in his speech, Stamos touched on how "alive" his close friend looked in his last post before his early death.

The late comedian had posted just hours before, writing how happy he was to be back on the road.

“When I saw his last Instagram post, my first thought was he looked too ‘alive’ to die a few hours later,” Stamos said. “But I guess that’s right. We should all want to ‘die alive.’ We don’t want to be filled with regret and remorse, forgotten and discarded. We want to be overwhelmed with the privilege and bounty of doing what we do best.

“Bob felt young, energized, grateful and appreciated ... He died bright and fierce,” Stamos said.

In the upcoming special, it's clear that is how Saget's friends will remember him as well.

"Bob wasn’t something that was taken away from us, he was something that was given to us," Jim Carrey says in the clip.

“I hope everybody here either had Bob as a friend like that or someday has a friend like Bob,” comedian Jeff Ross adds.