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Will 'Bling Empire' come back for Season 3? The cast is ready — mostly

"If Anna's game to be in another season, I will," Jamie Lee told TODAY.
Jamie Lee and Kane Lim in "Bling Empire" Season Two.
Jamie Lee and Kane Lim in "Bling Empire" Season Two.COURTESY OF NETFLIX / COURTESY OF NETFLIX

The second season of "Bling Empire" premiered on May 13, offering eight more episodes of opulence and drama.

Speaking to TODAY, cast member Kevin Kreider said the events of Season Two were often difficult, and he and cast members needed to retreat after filming wrapped. “All of us needed space and distance. We didn’t know whether to laugh or cry ... and I think the audience will feel the same,” Kreider said.

Will the show, which highlights a group of wealthy Asian Americans living in the Los Angeles area, continue on for another season?

Here's what the cast had to say about the show's future, and how the second season finale sets up plot lines for a potential third season to explore.

Season Three has not been confirmed, so no word on a release date

We'll have to wait for confirmation of more "Bling Empire." Typically, Netflix shows are renewed after the season drops. For context, Netflix renewed "Bling Empire" for a second season in March 2021, two months after its January 2021 premiere.

That said, most of the cast is interested in returning

In interviews with TODAY, "Bling Empire" cast members revealed whether they'd like to return for another season. Their answers ranged from enthusiastic to ambivalent.

  • Anna Shay: "Yes."
  • Jamie Lee: "If Anna’s game to be in another season, I will."
  • Christine Chiu: "I don't know. Time will tell. I think it's important to grow up in life and I did a lot of growing up in Season Two. I hope that viewers keep an open mind. I'm really proud of what the show has done and will continue to do, and have increased visibility. We asked to be normalized and not stereotyped as the model minority, and here we are, fighting like everyone else."
  • Kane Lim: "It depends, after I watch it. Laughs. It's important to be yourself. As Asians, we (generally) don't talk about things or confront them. On this show we're forced to confront them. It's like therapy on steroids. If they renew us, I'm down."
  • Dorothy Wang: "I moved to New York, so ... it might be hard to come back and do the L.A. one. I'd be open to it. Never say never."
  • Mimi Morris: "Maybe. I hope next season we show some love and emotions, and make people laugh. I'm not sure, but I hope I come back for Season Three."

Season Two ends with a cliffhanger. Is Andrew Gray back in the picture?

In the final moments of Season Two, Anna Shay gets a knock on her door. Lo and behold, it's Andrew Gray, former "Power Rangers" star who was in a relationship with Kelly Mi Li for five years.

Gray and Mi Li’s tumultuous relationship was a prominent part of Season One. They broke up in March 2021, announcing the split through Instagram posts on their accounts, People reported at the time.

"Season One, I was going through a confusing time," Mi Li told TODAY. "I was watching everything in Season One under the covers, because there were so many cringey moments."

Andrew Gray and Kelly Mi Li on Season One of "Bling Empire."
Andrew Gray and Kelly Mi Li on Season One of "Bling Empire."Netflix

Mi Li told TODAY that Gray is no longer in her life, even if the "Bling Empire" teases otherwise.

“I wish him the best. Nothing bad about him, but we’re in different places. We’re not right for each other,” she said.

As a result of her relationship status, Mi Li is excited for Season Two to come out. "Audiences get to see more me, and a funnier side of me," she said.