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Bethenny Frankel responds to Andy Cohen saying she's been 'trashing' 'Housewives'

Frankel recently launched a new podcast, "ReWives," commenting on the series alongside various guests.

Bethenny Frankel is clearing the air between her and Andy Cohen after the recent launch of her new podcast, "ReWives."

On a segment of Hoda & Jenna on Tuesday, Frankel responded to criticism launched at her by Cohen on an episode of his podcast, "Andy Cohen Live."

Frankel, known for her time starring on "The Real Housewives of New York City," launched her "ReWives" podcast with the goal of rewatching episodes from the series and commenting on them with "unexpected thought leaders and celebrity friends," according to the podcast description.

In response to the podcast launch, Cohen shared that he was "surprised" that Frankel was starting the series.

"I was surprised at that because she's been trashing the show for the last three years," Cohen said on his podcast. "She's been talking about that it's toxic and it's every bad thing you can think of ... and now she's doing a 'Housewives' recap podcast."

When prompted by Hoda Kotb on TODAY with Hoda & Jenna, Frankel replied that she and Cohen "totally are pals" and often take walks on the beach together to talk about "Housewives."

"I texted him when it came out, and he said, 'Oh fun, I'm glad to see you embracing the 'Housewives,' which definitely is because I've said I'm glad that I'm not there, which I am, but they're not mutually exclusive. I'm glad that I'm not there; I also do get the right to talk about because I did it for a quarter of my life," Frankel said.

Frankel also responded directly to Cohen's comments that she has "been trashing" the show for years, saying instead that she has spoken about the toxic environment.

"I think it's a different show than what it was in the beginning. It's evolved into something different, more big, more shiny, more dramatic than what we started with," Frankel said.

She revealed that she will be on Cohen's show in the near future and is prepared to talk about his comments then, but she said that "there's no conflict."

"There are all these different dynamics where I guess they overlap," she said. "He doesn't care personally — I think he's probably a little annoyed."

She said she has not yet spoken to Cohen about his comments.

Frankel said that her podcast has "exploded" in popularity since its launch. The "Housewives" star is also on a new CNBC show called "Money Court" with "Shark Tank" star Kevin O'Leary.