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The 19 best shows of 2022, according to editors

Catch up before there's a whole new year's worth of shows to watch.
/ Source: TODAY

With series constantly getting greenlit and more streaming platforms popping up every year, finding a new show to watch can sometimes feel like a chore.

A person could easily spend hours scrolling through recommendations for a show that scratches their itch — be it a comfort series, a dramedy balancing humor and heart or a whodunnit that’ll keep you guessing until the final episode.

The abundance of TV means you could miss out on a few hidden gems. So, to help you sort through what is actually worth watching, has put together a list, in no particular order, of our favorite shows from 2022. 

Quinta Brunson in "Abbott Elementary," Jeremy Allen White in "The Bear" and Christine Baranski in "The Good Fight."
Quinta Brunson in "Abbott Elementary," Jeremy Allen White in "The Bear" and Christine Baranski in "The Good Fight."Warner Bros., Hulu, Paramount +

'The White Lotus' (Season 2)

Where to watch: HBO Max

For its buzzy second season, "The White Lotus" changed locations — going from Maui to Sicily — and swapped out characters (at least, most of them), but kept the premise. One of the show's characters winds up dead in the end. But who, and how?

Those questions fuel the rest of the enthralling, sun-soaked, clue-filled seven episodes. If you weren't one of the many people following the modern version of a water cooler TV show, then delight in finding out the ending yourself.

'Yellowstone' (Season 5)

Where to watch: Paramout, but you can watch earlier seasons on Peacock

"Yellowstone" is a downright phenomenon, with audiences following the latest exploits of the Dutton family, a powerful Montana family.

Come Season Six, John Dutton (Kevin Costner) is now the governor of Montana and his children are finally living out their birthright as his cronies.

'Rutherford Falls' (Season 2)

Where to watch: Peacock

"Rutherford Falls" will fill the "Parks and Rec"-sized hole in your heart. The show's two seasons take place in a small New York town and centers on lifelong friends: One, a descendant of the town's founder and the other, a member of the Minishonka Tribe. Speaking to, creator Sierra Teller Ornelas (who is Navajo) called the show is a chance to show Native joy onscreen.

'Peacemaker' (Season 2)

Where to watch: HBO Max

At the start of the year, DC Comics introduced its first DC Extended Universe series: ”Peacemaker.” The show, a spin-off of the 2021 film “The Suicide Squad,” focuses on John Cena’s character Peacemaker as he joins a secret black ops group.

The covert organization is trying to track down extraterrestrial creatures taking over human bodies. Cena’s impressive dramatic acting skills and the opening credits sequence at the beginning of each episode — which showed all the cast members dancing to Wig Wam’s “Do Ya Wanna Taste It” — make the 8-episode season a fun and surprisingly emotional watch.

'Upload' (Season 2) 

Where to watch: Amazon Prime

The first season of the sci-fi series “Upload” premiered in May 2020 and introduced fans to a world in 2033 where humans have the option to transport themselves to a virtual afterlife when they die.

In Season Two, the show continues to uncover the details surrounding Nathan’s (Robbie Amell) mysterious death and his growing connection with Nora (Andy Allo). In just seven episodes, the sophomore season also addresses classism and the dangers of technology and while building on each character’s backstories. It is also just as funny, charming and metaphysically curious as Season One. 

'Starstruck' (Season 2)

Where to watch: HBO Max

In a follow-up to her take on a classic rom-com meet-cute, creator and writer Rose Matafeo returned for the second season of her comedy series “Starstruck.”

The chemistry between Jessie (Matafeo) and Tom (Nikesh Patel) is enough to carry an endless amount of episodes, but the second season focuses on what happens after a couple falls in love and the credits roll. Season Two shows Jessie struggle with Tom’s celebrity status and her ex-boyfriend Ben suddenly coming back into her life. 


Where to watch: HBO Max

Actor Sarah Lancashire transforms into “Mastering the Art of French Cooking” author Julia Child for this biographical drama. The series, which has been renewed for a second season, follows the beginning stages of Child’s career as she becomes a television personality with her program “The French Chef” and the effect it has on her marriage with Paul Child (David Hyde Pierce).

Other storylines in the series focus on Julia’s producer and biggest supporter Alice Naman (Brittany Bradford), who faces racism and sexism in the workplace as a Black woman. 

'The Porter'

Where to watch: BET+

This Canadian series comes from an all-Black creative team and originally aired on CBC Television before arriving on BET+. The show tells the story of the Black men who worked as Pullman porters after World War I.

In this powerful drama, the Black Canadian porters fight to be included in the white-only labor union. Meanwhile, women characters try to open a clinic to treat members of the community who aren’t accepted at the local hospitals. 

'The Boys' (Season 3) 

Where to watch: Amazon Prime Video

“The Boys” stands out in a crowded field of superhero series by showing what would happen if superheroes decided to capitalize on their powers and use them for personal gain. As a satire, the storylines on the show are also centered around real-world problems like corporate greed and sexism. 

The third season of the black comedy introduces Soldier Boy, played by Jensen Ackles, as one of Vought’s first superheroes. Butcher (Karl Urban) and the rest of the boys team up with Starlight (Erin Moriarty) and Queen Maeve (Dominique McElligott) to investigate Soldier Boy’s strange death decades ago. As the group looks for a way to finally eliminate Homelander (Antony Starr), the villain becomes more unstable and worries that he is losing support from the public and the other members of the Seven.

'Evil' (Season 3) 

Where to watch: Paramount+

Arguably the spookiest show on television, Season Three of “Evil” picked up with David (Mike Colter), Kristen (Katja Herbers) and Ben (Aasif Mandvi) continuing to investigate possible supernatural and demonic cases.

Throughout the season, Kristen and David struggle to reject temptation and their feelings for each other. David’s commitment to his faith is also tested, repeatedly. Leland (Michael Emerson) moves further along in his secret and sinister plans that include Kristen’s mom Sheryl (Christine Lahti). 

'The Bear'

Where to watch: Hulu

“The Bear” throws viewers into the busy kitchen of a Chicago restaurant called The Original Beef of Chicagoland.

The staff at the rundown eatery dismiss ideas from their new head chef Carmy, played by Jeremy Allen White, who comes from a fine dining background. Carmy, who inherited the store from his brother, and struggles to lead his line cooks and other chefs, including Ayo Edebiri’s character Sydney. Carmy is also dealing with trauma from his previous restaurant and the debts his brother left behind. 

'The Rehearsal'

Where to watch: HBO Max

In a long-anticipated follow-up to his “Nathan For You” series, comedian Nathan Fielder makes viewers laugh and cringe in his new docu-comedy “The Rehearsal.”

The premise of the series is hard to describe, but we'll try: Fielder helps people rehearse difficult conversations they plan to have. Fielder recreates the moment ahead of time using actors and elaborate set designs. The scenarios can range from confessing a secret to a close friend to preparing to have a baby. Each "rehearsal" leads to unforgettable interactions between Fielder and the people featured on the show who don’t appear to be in on the joke.

'Reservation Dogs' (Season 2) 

Where to watch: Hulu

Season Two of this teen comedy, made by an all-Indigenous team of writers and directors, focuses on the Rez Dogs and their journey to California to honor Daniel, a member of their crew who died.

When “Reservation Dogs” returned in August, Bear (D’Pharaoh Woon-A-Tai), Elora (Devery Jacobs), Willie Jack (Paulina Alexia) Cheese (Lane Factor) and the rest of the town were rebuilding after the tornado. The touching series is able to highlight a specific member of the group each episode and convey how much the friends mean to each other.

'Bad Sisters'

Where to watch: Apple TV+

One of the most diabolical villains on television in 2022 is undoubtedly Claes Bang’s character John Paul. His nickname, “The Prick,” says it all.

“Bad Sisters” begins with the Garvey sisters — Eva (Sharon Horgan), Becka (Eve Hewson), Bibi (Sarah Greene), Ursula (Eva Birthistle) and Grace (Anne-Marie Duff), who is John Paul’s wife — preparing for his funeral.

While the details of his mysterious death are unclear, it's apparent from the Garvey sisters' behavior at his wake that John Paul was not well liked ... and that anyone in the room could be responsible for his death. Throughout each episode, viewers, the Garvey sisters and two nosy insurance men (Daryl McCormack and Brian Gleeson) piece together what happened to John Paul and why so many characters have a motive.  

'The Good Fight' (Season 6)

Where to watch: Paramount+

After six seasons of biting satire and commentary on the current state of our country, “The Good Fight” aired its final season. Fans said goodbye to Christine Baranski’s lawyer extraordinaire Diane Lockhart — whom she played for 13 years after originating the role on "The Good Wife"— Audra McDonald’s Liz Reddick, Sarah Steele’s Marissa Gold, Nyami Nyami’s Jay DiPersia and other beloved characters.

The final season shows Diane, Liz and more questioning if there is any point to fighting for good in today’s society. Season Six tests the lawyers’ faith in the justice system. The series finale, “The End of Everything,” sets each character on a path with a new purpose, and cleverly connects to the opening credits fans have been watching since Season One. 

'Abbott Elementary' (Season 2) 

Where to watch: Hulu

“Abbott Elementary” became an instant hit after premiering last year, earning praise from critics and fans for star, creator and writer Quinta Brunson’s honest and funny portrayal of teachers navigating the public school system. Brunson won an Emmy earlier this year for outstanding writing for a comedy series, and made history as the first Black woman to earn three nominations across comedy categories in the same year.

Sheryl Lee Ralph also earned her first Emmy for outstanding supporting actress in a comedy series for her portrayal of the strict, but lovable Barbara Howard. 

Season Two continues to deliver laughs as Janine (Brunson), Barbara (Ralph), Gregory (Tyler James Williams), Melissa (Lisa Ann Walter), and Jacob (Chris Perfetti) overcome problems like competitive charter schools nearby, disruptive students and unexpected illnesses. Meanwhile, Ava (Janelle James) is still simultaneously operating her side businesses while fulfilling some (but only some) of her duties as principal. 

'Derry Girls' (Season 3) 

Where to watch: Netflix

While American television shows can get renewed for more than 10 years, shows from across the pond are often shorter and only air a few seasons. So, despite it being a global hit, fans knew that Season Three would be the last time we saw Erin (Saoirse-Monica Jackson), Orla (Louisa Harland), Michelle (Jamie-Lee O’Donnell), James, (Dylan Llewellyn) and Clare (Nicola Coughlan) — the "Derry Girls" in question — together again.

In the final season of "Derry Girls, their friendship is challenged as an unexpected death and the looming Good Friday Agreement threatens to pull them apart. Amid the background of the troubling time period, “Derry Girls” still delights with hilarious jokes and interactions between the five friends.  

'The Big Brunch'

Where to watch: HBO Max

Fresh off his multiple Emmy wins for “Schitt’s Creek,” Dan Levy is putting on his hosting hat for new reality series “The Big Brunch.” The cooking competition show features 10 chefs who face off against each other in the brunch arts. $300,000 is at stake, and so is the chance to be the king or queen of brunch.

Levy is joined by judges and chefs Sohla El-Waylly and Will Guidara.  Despite the competitive environment, the contestants support each other like a family. “The celebration of everyone’s story — that’s what this is all about,” Levy tells one contestant. Viewers watch the chefs serve up some delicious meals and wait to see how the life-changing grand prize turns one contestant’s business dreams into a reality.  

'The Crown' (Season 5)

"The Crown" turned recent history into a riveting drama in the most recent season, centering on the troubles the British monarchy faced in the 1990s, as marital spats made headlines.

A new cast filled out the roles, including Elizabeth Debicki's star turn as Princess Diana (and yes, she wears the "Revenge Dress"). While re-creating some notorious moments, like Charles and Camilla's leaked, intimate phone call, the season also highlights some lesser known figures from royal history, like Sydney Johnson, valet to King Edward VIII. Together, these characters hurtle toward the show's sixth and final season.