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Bachelorette contestants 2022: Meet the 32 men chosen for Gabby Windey and Rachel Recchia

Get to know the men vying for Gabby Windey and Rachel Recchia's hearts before the new season premieres Monday, July 11.
Get to know the 32 men from the new 'Bachelorette' season.
Get to know the 32 men from the new 'Bachelorette' season.ABC

Talk about a twofer! The latest season of "The Bachelorette" will feature two single ladies looking for connection amid 32 potential suitors.

The dramatic season 26 finale of "The Bachelor," starring former football pro Clayton Echard, ended in a messy breakup in Iceland, after frontrunner Susie Evans left the show of her own volition (and later reunited with Echard). Two contestants, Rachel Recchia and Gabby Windey, left the show single.

Now, Recchia and Windey are back together once again on the hunt for their soulmates in season 19 of "The Bachelorette."

The lucky ladies are looking for love together this time around.
The lucky ladies are looking for love together this time around.ABC

Recchia, 26, and Windey, 31, are poised to get to know a lot of men throughout the format-breaking season, which is the first to ever feature two bachelorettes simultaneously, all season long.

An early teaser saw the contestants introducing themselves — and gave a preview to the question on Bachelor Nation's mind: How is this season with two bachelorettes going to work? As Windey put it on her Instagram: "Double the trouble double the fun."

Based on their official bios from ABC, these bachelors have some, uh, unique passions, ranging from drag racing and Yahtzee to meatballs and magic.

Chris, an author of two books, describes himself as “extremely driven” and is seeking a woman who’s “ambitious, compassionate and secure.” Meanwhile, Hayden, a leisure executive from Florida, has one deal breaker in mind when it comes to dating: A woman who doesn’t love dogs.

If Recchia and Windey are seeking out their Prince Charming, they might find luck with Ethan, a self-proclaimed “hopeless romantic” or Mario, who is “emotionally available and proudly wears his heart on his sleeve.”

Or if they're competitive, they can go up against Aven, a sales executive who loves Yahtzee, or Mario, a Tetris pro. If they're feeling adventurous, they can travel around the U.S. in a van with Justin B.

If the bachelorettes are seeking a man with ambition, they should sidle up to Matt, a 25-year-old who already owns his own business. Or if they want an intellectual who will introduce them to new things, Jason is a bookworm who reads 30-40 books a year.

Sometimes, it's hard to tell a dating show contestant's true intentions, but John, a 26-year-old English teacher, has already made it clear that he wants to "put a ring on it" if he finds his perfect match. Erich, a real estate analyst, is also in it "for the long haul" and doesn't want to be in a relationship "just to be in a relationship."

The bachelorettes are also in for double trouble when twin brothers go head to head vying for their love. Now that would be a fairytale ending!

Below, meet the suitors ahead of the show's July 11 premiere.

Meet the 32 suitors competing on season 19 of 'The Bachelorette'

Erich, 29


Erich is a real estate analyst from Bedminster, N.J. who describes himself as "low-key, funny, outdoorsy and a bit mysterious with a fun side." He has "no interest" in going to an escape room.

Aven, 28


Aven, 28, is a a sales executive from San Diego, Calif. who says he is "fueled by passion." A self-professed Yahtzee champion, he only allows himself to go out to eat once a week. 

Matt, 25


Matt, 25, shipping executive from San Diego, Calif. who says he has already "built his empire" and now is looking for a woman who is "ambitious and loyal."

Tyler, 25


Tyler, 25, is a small business owner from Wildwood, N.J. who says his dream woman is "fun, reliable, open-minded and ready to come home and meet his wonderful and loving family." Heads up: Tyler isn't afraid to be "over the top."

Logan, 26


Logan, 26, is a videographer from San Diego, Calif. whose "lifelong crush" is Elaine from "Seinfeld." Witty and self-aware, Logan's ideal woman is "artsy, low maintenance and down to cuddle by a bonfire under the stars."

Joey, 24


Joey, 24, is a twin from Brookfield, Conn. and a "lovable goofball."

Justin B. 32

Justin B
Justin BABC

Justin B., 32, a physical therapist from Solana Beach, Calif. He is looking for a woman who is "open-minded, fit and striving to be the best version of herself," and shares his dream of traveling the U.S. in a van.

Roby, 33


Roby, 33, is a magician from Los Angeles, Calif. who speaks French fluently and can scuba dive. He says he's "smart, well-read and an expert conversationalist."

Tino, 28


Tino, 28, is a general contractor from Playa Del Rey, Calif. He wants four kids; enjoys reading the Wall Street Journal, and says 90 percent of everything he eats is meat.

John, 26


John, 26, is an English teacher from Nashville, Tenn. but he aspires to be the "face of a clothing brand." In fact, he loves dressing up so much that he sometimes goes grocery shopping in a suit. He's ready to "put a ring on it."

Zach, 25


Zach, 25, is a tech executive from Anaheim Hills, California who loves his dogs and "his mama," but says he "has more love to go around."

Jacob, 27


Jacob, 27, is a mortgage broker from Scottsdale, Ariz. He is looking for a woman who "turns heads," and admits he's picky — "but since he’s looking for a love to last a lifetime, he doesn’t see that as a bad thing."

Jason, 30


Jason, 30, is an investment banker from Santa Monica, Calif. He has a "good vibes only" policy and is looking for an authentic personality. He loves to tour historic homes.

Nate, 33


Nate, 33, is an electrical engineer from Chicago, Ill. who takes pride in his picnic-planning skills and is looking for a woman who can make him laugh.

Chris, 30


Chris, 30, is a mentality coach from Redondo Beach, Calif. who loves mangoes and has written two books.

James, 25


James, 25, is a self-described a meatball enthusiast from Winnetka, Ill. who wants six kids.

Michael, 32


Michael, 32, is a pharmaceutical salesman from Long Beach, Calif. He admits that he's a bad cook, but says that his qualities of thoughtfulness and attentiveness will make him a great husband.

Brandan, 23


Brandan, 23, is a bartender from Carlsbad, Calif. who goes to Disney every year on his birthday and is afraid of slugs. Though he's on the younger side, Brandan says he's "mature beyond his years."

Spencer, 27


Spencer, 27, is a venture capitalist from Chicago, Ill. He says he's not a "textbook romantic" because he doesn't "idealize things."

Jordan H., 35

Jordan H
Jordan HABC

Jordan H., 35, is a software developer from Tampa, Fla. He thinks EDM is "ridiculous" and is not he is "not your stereotypical 'let’s grab a drink' kind of guy."

Hayden, 29


Hayden, 29, is a leisure executive from Tampa, Fla. He says he is a package deal with his dog, Rambo.

Jordan V., 27

Jordan V
Jordan VABC

Jordan V., 27, is a drag racer from Alpharetta, Ga. He likes relaxing on a lake and watching James Bond movies.

Ryan, 36


Ryan, 36, is an investment director from Boston, Mass. who wants a "Nicholas Sparks type of relationship." He is a "proud Botox enthusiast."

Ethan, 27


Ethan, 27, is an advertising executive from New York, N.Y. He is a "big believer in signs" and a fan of "Entourage."

Colin, 36


Colin, 36, is a sales director from Chicago, Ill. who "lives for the thrill of experience." His dream woman is "self-aware, courteous and fun."

Mario, 31


Mario, 31, is a personal trainer from Naperville, Ill. He wants to start a family of future basketball players and "wants to make his mother proud" while doing so. He loves tulips and Tetris.

Justin Y., 24

Justin Y
Justin YABC

Justin Y., 24, another twin from Brookfield, Conn., whose twin brother is Joey. He would choose to live in the early '90s if he could time travel and wants to learn to salsa dance.

Alec, 27


Alec, 27, is a wedding photographer from Houston, Texas. He says he "loves to be the center of attention."

Quincey, 25  


Quincey, 25, is a life coach from Miami, Fla. He admits he is a "bad texter," but says he has a "unique gift to uplift the people around him with both laughter and wisdom."

Johnny, 25


Johnny, 25, is a realtor from Palm Beach Gardens, Fla. with a "huge Italian family." He says his childhood dream was to "become a rapper."

Termayne, 28


Termayne, 28, a "crypto guy" from Naperville, Ill. who is "looking for a loyal woman" who can discuss NFTs with him.

Kirk, 29


Kirk, 29, is a college football coach from Lubbock, Texas who loves being the "fun uncle" but wants to start a family of his own.