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‘Bachelor’ fans applaud touching moment of sisterhood in finale episode: ‘So much grace’

“The Daisy/Kelsey friendship is so beautiful. To see two people love and support each other like they do is inspiring," one person shared.

Warning: This article contains spoilers for the ending of “The Bachelor" Season 28.

Fans of "The Bachelor" are applauding sweet moments that happened between runner-up Daisy Kent and winner Kelsey Anderson in the Season 28 finale.

In the finale, the two broke protocol and were seen riding in the same car together while on their way to see Joey Graziadei at the location where he would propose to one of them. In the vehicle, they lovingly supported each other by holding hands before Daisy got out of the car first and broke up with Joey right before he could give her the axe.

On the show, Daisy said she did this because she knew he wouldn't pick her after how their last date went.

"I’m going to go,” she told Joey at the proposal spot as he started to cry.

While walking back to the limo, Daisy gave Kelsey a big hug and told her that her late mother, who died of cancer, would be so proud of her.

“I know your mom’s going to be looking down at this moment and be so happy,” she said as Kelsey cried.

In the end, Joey proposed to Kelsey. However, on social media, fans couldn't stop talking about the sweet moment that Daisy and Kelsey had together in the car and outside the limo.

"Daisy & Kelsey’s friendship is why the Barbie movie exists," one person wrote on X, while referencing the "Barbie" movie, which celebrates female friendships.

Another said, "The Daisy/Kelsey friendship is so beautiful. To see two people love and support each other like they do is inspiring."

A third shared a photo of Daisy and Kelsey riding in the same limo and wrote, "Icons."

Another fan also applauded the show for featuring a graceful cast.

"This was the least toxic bachelor, the most caring and loving human, and such a supportive final two," they wrote on X. "These women &Daisy & Kelsey specifically showed so much grace and love with each other (honestly all these contestants did). We need more of this."