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Ashton Kutcher reveals the one person he ‘desperately’ wishes he could’ve ‘Punk’d’

The former host of MTV’s outrageous hidden-camera show reveals what stood in the way of his ultimate punk.

It’s been 20 years since Ashton Kutcher introduced the world to his own brand of prank-filled fun on MTV’s hidden-camera hit “Punk’d.”

Kutcher was the co-creator and producer of the series, and from 2003 until 2007, he also served as host. But despite the practical-joke power that came with those roles, there was one person the entertainer never had the chance to punk, even though he “desperately” wanted to. 

In a video chat with Esquire, the 44-year-old “That ‘90s Show” star revealed the one who got away. 

“I desperately wanted to punk George W. Bush, because he was the president at the time when we created ‘Punk’d,’” Kutcher said. 

There was just one problem.

Image: President George W. Bush Announces His Economic Plan
The one person Kutcher wishes he could've "punk'd" also happens to be a former president.Brooks Kraft / Corbis via Getty Images

The 43rd president of the United States served the country from 2001 to 2009, however, in all that time, those entrusted to protect the former commander in chief never allowed the actor to serve him a surprise. 

“I thought I had a couple of Secret Service agents that would work with me on that,” Kutcher recalled. “But it turns out that they’re more loyal to the president than Ashton Kutcher.”

During his tenure on the series, he managed to prank Simon Cowell, Tony Hawk, Venus Williams and even his future wife, Mila Kunis, in addition to a host of other celebrities, some of whom fans never had the chance to see at all.

“Any celebrity that asked us to destroy the tape, I destroyed the tape,” Kutcher assured Esquire. “Every single f------ last one.”