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Where to follow the ‘Inventing Anna’ characters’ real-life counterparts on Instagram

Get an inside look into the "Inventing Anna" characters' real lives — pre- and post-Anna Delvey friendship.

If you've seen the new Shondaland Netflix series "Inventing Anna," you know that Anna Delvey, pro-swindler and deviant socialite, is a fascinating woman — and so, of course, is her social media presence. Luckily for "Inventing Anna" fans, most of the show's real-life counterparts have Instagram accounts you can stalk at your leisure.

The show follows Anna Delvey's rise to fame (and criminal status) and gives a deeper look inside how she swindled many, many people out of money. Those people include some of her closest friends, like Rachel DeLoache Williams and Kacy Duke.

If you want to see what these characters' real-life counterparts are up to in 2022, check out their Instagram accounts below.

Anna Delvey/ Sorokin

The list wouldn't be complete without a mention of the titular influence herself. You can find her at @theannadelvey.

Rachel DeLoache Williams

Williams was one of Anna's closest friends. But, after an ill-fated trip to Morocco, Rachel was left covering about $60,000 in expenses from what was supposed to be an all-expenses-paid trip. She later went on to write New York Times bestselling book "My Friend Anna," based on her real-life experiences with Sorokin. You can find her at @rdwilliams.

Kacy Duke

Duke, Anna's personal trainer and friend, learned early on that Anna wasn't who she claimed to be, and distanced herself from her pretty quickly. You can follow her on Instagram at @kacyduke.

Neff Davis

Neff, portrayed perhaps as the most loyal of Sorokin's friends, is now living in LA, pursuing her dreams of working in the film industry. You can find her at @filmcolors.

Vivian Kent/ Jessica Pressler

Vivian Kent, the journalist uncovering Anna's story in the show, is based on real-life journalist Jessica Pressler, who wrote the story about Anna in 2018 for New York magazine. You can follow Jessica on Instagram at @presslerj.