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Are Alexis Maloney and Hunter Parr from 'The Ultimatum' still together?

Here's what we know about the first couple who decided to marry instead of move on.
Lauren and Nate on the left, and Hunter and Alexis on the right on Netflix's "The Ultimatum." 
Lauren and Nate on the left, and Hunter and Alexis on the right on Netflix's "The Ultimatum." Netflix

Warning: This post contains spoilers for “The Ultimatum” on Netflix.

For Alexis Maloney and Hunter Parr, 'The Ultimatum" worked. The couple got engaged on the dating show — and the reunion episode, which aired on April 13, revealed whether they were still together, along with the other couples, like Jake and Rae.

On "The Ultimatum," which has already been confirmed for season 2, couples come onto the show with one person delivering an ultimatum to their partner: Get married, or move on. Then, they date other people on the show to determine the strength of their original connection.

For the couple, who had been dating for two years at the time of filming, the show’s process was clarifying. Here's what we know about where they are know.

Hunter and Alexis got engaged early on in the process

The couple landed on the show after Alexis posed an ultimatum to Hunter. She wanted to get engaged before moving in; he was less certain he was ready.

After a week of speed dating other contestants, though, Hunter got the clarity he needed. In episode two, Hunter got on one knee and proposed to Alexis, forgoing the rest of dating experiment.

Speaking to US Weekly, Hunter said he made up his mind about proposing the night before.

"All of these connections that I was having and making with the other women were because of personality traits that Alexis already had.’ So I was like, ‘OK, I’m ready to propose, let’s do this.’ And so the night before I knew, and it was very difficult for me to keep it quiet because all I wanted to do was interrupt her when she was expressing how much pain she was in,” he said.

As of the reunion, Alexis and Hunter are still together

Raise a metallic wine glass to the happy couple. The reunion episode shows Alexis and Hunter got their happy ever after. Alexis revealed that after the show, they moved in together.

Alexis said she was surprised by the proposal. "If I had known, I wouldn't have worn my hair up," she said. The white dress she was wearing during the proposal, she said, was a coincidence. She was originally meant to wear a yellow dress, but it ripped.

Alexis opened up about the show on Instagram

On April 11, Alexis took to her Instagram to reflect on the show and how it changed her life. The post's long caption stated her appreciation for the experience.

"Coming into this experience and having to to breakup with the person I wanted to marry off the bat was beyond difficult. I faced new experiences, new challenges everyday without being able to go to my best friend, Hunter, for love and support. The days were long, but I ended up meeting some amazing people who had to be extremely vulnerable about their relationships. Radiating positive vibes to the entire cast as they all have so much love to give," she said.

Hunter hasn't posted anything specifically about Alexis since the show aired — but now that the finale is out, that might change.