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11-year-old was planted in the 'AGT' audience, gets Golden Buzzer after shocking judges

Maddie Baez Taylor was sitting in the audience when she first sang. She ended the night a star.
/ Source: TODAY

Why watch the show when you can be part of it?

Madison Baez Taylor, 11, went from sitting in the audience on Tuesday’s episode of “America’s Got Talent” to jumping onstage and wowing the judges and the crowd alike, earning the Golden Buzzer with a powerful voice that left everyone in awe.

Maddie worked with the show by being planted in the audience without the judges knowing. She was approached during a commercial break when the crowd was asked if anyone could sing.

She sang “Amazing Grace,” and Howie Mandel turned in his chair, while Simon walked into the room, both taking notice of her.

The crowd gave her a standing ovation and she walked over to Simon quickly before taking the stage.

“We do ask people in the breaks if they’d like to sing a song and I was literally just coming back in and I heard this voice, thinking, ‘Who the hell is that?’” Cowell said. “And then I see this little thing in the audience and it’s you.”

Maddie Baez on America's Got Talent, “Auditions.”
Maddie Baez put on a stunning performance on "America's Got Talent."Trae Patton / NBC

Maddie said she is a huge fan of the show.

“I’ve been to many tapings, and ever since I was 4 years old, I would always try and sing for the commercial breaks,” Maddie said. “And it’s always been my dream to be on the show. And I’m finally here.”

As she fought back tears, Simon encouraged her to sing. Her effort landed her another standing ovation, while she continued to cry.

Maddie Baez on America's Got Talent, “Auditions.”
Maddie earned the Golden Buzzer, proving she will be a force to be reckoned with.Trae Patton / NBC

“I’m not kidding. In all the years we’ve ever done this, this has never actually happened before. I normally leave during the break because people do sing, so this is actually the opposite. It actually brought me back into the room,” Cowell said.

Maddie also has designs on doing good if she were to win the $1 million grand prize

“I would help my dad with cancer research. He's had stage four colon cancer for the past nine years,” she said while fighting back tears.

Maddie Baez on America's Got Talent, “Auditions.”
Maddie and her father share an emotional moment while explaining how she would sing to him while he was in the hospital with cancer.Trae Patton / NBC

While discussing how they should vote, Mandel took it upon himself to slam down the Golden Buzzer, prompting golden confetti to rein down on Maddie, as she earned the right to advance straight to the live shows.

Her dad joined her on stage and explained how his daughter was a soothing voice for him during a tough time.

“I’ve been battling cancer for the last nine years, and that’s how she learned to sing,” he shared. “She would sing to me at the hospital throughout my surgeries, throughout my chemo treatments. She’d sing to me and helping me get better, and I’m doing very well.”

“I’ve been to a bunch of shows and I’ve always planned on auditioning. Now I’m here and to get the Golden Buzzer is amazing,” Maddie said afterward.