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Blake Shelton stirs trouble with new coach Camila Cabello in new ‘Voice’ trailer

Cabello is learning fast that Shelton will stop at nothing to win.

Camila Cabello hasn't even made her debut yet on "The Voice" but she's already learning that fellow coach Blake Shelton will stop at nothing to win.

In a cute new trailer for the show's upcoming 22nd season released Thursday, Cabello —  the new coach on the hit NBC singing competition — is the target of a dastardly intimidation scheme masterminded by Shelton.

In the hilarious clip, which is shot like the trailer of a campy murder mystery, the "Bam Bam" singer, 25, is seen arriving on the show's set where she discovers a seemingly friendly banner reading, "Welcome Camila."

Next, the singer finds her dressing room filled with balloons and gifts. But the welcoming situation quickly turns ominous when Cabello opens an anonymous letter with a message spelled out in torn magazine letters.

"You are going 2 lose so bad! Ha! Ha! Ha! Ha! Ha! Ha!" the letter reads.

That's when returning coach Gwen Stefani, who just happens to be Shelton's real-life bride, shows up to ask Cabello, "Who would send that?"

Shelton is then seen swiveling around in his coach's chair. "I can't believe you got that anonymous letter," he remarks, raising one villainous eyebrow.

Hmm, who could be sending intimidating anonymous letters to the other "Voice" coaches?
Hmm, who could be sending intimidating anonymous letters to the other "Voice" coaches?The Voice via YouTube

But Cabello isn’t the only judge being targeted by the “Minimum Wage” singer.

John Legend approaches the gang to show them the weird letter he received. “You should never have come back,” the letter warns.

The trailer then leaps forward to show all four judges happily grooving to music while sitting in their chairs. “It’s no mystery,” intones a narrator. “Camila Cabello joins ‘The Voice.’”

By the trailer’s end, Shelton gets busted thanks to the show’s host, Carson Daly, who approaches the four coaches with a bundle of torn magazines in his hands.

"Hey, Blake, can you please stop crafting in my dressing room?" Carson asks the country music star.

The 22nd season of "The Voice" premieres Sept. 19 on NBC.

While the episode marks Cabello's debut as a judge, it will also feature Stefani back in the fold for the first time since 2020.

On Thursday, the "Hollaback Girl" singer celebrated her return to the show — and poked fun at her devious hubby — when she posted the new trailer on Instagram.

"NEW SEASON, NEW COACH," Stefani wrote in her caption, "but some things will never change *cough Blake cough*."