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'This Is Us' cast celebrates series finale with photos and videos

Ahead of the last episode, the cast members relived some of their favorite moments from the past six years. 
This Is Us - Season 6
The "This Is Us" cast, pictured in a Season Six episode, walked down memory lane ahead of the series finale.Ron Batzdorff / NBC
/ Source: TODAY

Both fans and the cast of "This Is Us" were saying goodbye to the Pearsons as the series finale aired Tuesday.

The cast of the NBC drama spent the day reminiscing by posting both funny and emotional scenes from the show’s six-year run.

Sterling K. Brown uploaded a series of on-set pictures to Instagram that also doubled as hints to what fans could expect in the last episode, titled “Us.”

“We love ya ma! #ThisIsUs” he captioned the images, which showed the Pearsons gathering for Rebecca’s funeral following her death in the penultimate episode, “The Train.”

Brown stood next to a portrait of Rebecca in the first photo and the next two snaps provided an up-close look at the matriarch’s funeral program.

The outside of the pamphlet said, “In Loving Memory. 1951-2033.” The inside revealed that Kate would say a prayer before Kevin, Beth, Deja, Tess and Annie delivered reflections from the family. Randall tackled the eulogy while Kate and Toby’s son, Jack, sang.

“Rebecca Pearson was loved by many,” the fictional obituary began. “Her love story with her first husband, Jack Pearson, inspired everyone around her. She was fortunate to find love again with Miguel Rivas, her second husband. Rebecca is survived by her beloved three children, Kate (Philip) Person, Kevin (Sophie Pearson), and Randall (Beth) Pearson; and her grandchildren Deja, Tess, Annie, Jack, Hailey, Nicky and Franny.”

Below Rebecca’s life story was a quote from the speech she powerfully shared with her children in “Taboo” when she shared her health was declining rapidly.

She said, “Take the risks. Make the big moves, even if they’re small moves. Forge ahead with your lives in any and every direction that moves you. I’m asking you to be fearless.”

Other photos showed Randall at a lectern — presumably giving the eulogy — and him sitting in the church pews with Beth, Kevin, adult Tess, adult Deja and Uncle Nicky. 

In an interview with TODAY earlier this month, Brown revealed that he would be out of town the day of the finale because he is filming his next project, Hulu miniseries “Washington Black.” 

He said the finale would bring “tears of satisfaction with how our story comes to an end.”

For Mandy Moore’s tribute to “This Is Us,” she uploaded pictures and videos of some of Rebecca’s most unforgettable moments to Instagram

“What better way to celebrate tonight’s series finale of #ThisIsUs, than to take a walk down memory lane…” she wrote in the caption. 

In one clip, Milo Ventimiglia spun her around. The rest of the slideshow includes pics of Rebecca in her Terry Bradshaw Steelers’ jersey, her taking her children home from the hospital and a snap from one of the Pearsons’ many pool-day trips. 

On Sunday, Moore spoke to TODAY at a “This Is Us” finale screening in Los Angeles. She said, “I think that people will be very satisfied with the way that things are wrapped up. It will be with a tearful smile on their face.”

Chrissy Metz recorded herself giving a sweet message to the fans before including a video compilation of some of her favorite Kate scenes.

“Of course, she has changed my life and hopefully so many of yours — that you could see your story and yourself on the television,” Metz said. “So, take a drip down memory lane with me and Kate Pearson. I just want to say thank you for being on this wild ride with all of us. I am forever changed.” 

The compilation showed Kate performing an Adelegram, her and Toby seeing Jack for the first time in the ICU after giving birth, her major blowup with Toby in the season six episode “Saturday in the Park,” and finally the heartfelt conversation between Toby and Kate years after their divorce in “Katoby.”

Choosing to go a funnier route, Justin Hartley shared a photo of him on a soundstage, lounging in a lawn chair while staring at his phone.

“Can you believe this is the set chair they gave me?” he playfully said in the caption. “All these years…no, but all jokes aside, this experience has been one for the books and I’m grateful to Dan, this cast, crew, and all the incredible fans who tune-in week after week, making #ThisIsUs what it is today, so thank you.”

Hartley also shared a teaser for the finale on his Instagram story.

Susan Kelechi Watson’s celebration of “This Is Us” might be the best one, so far.

“I was feelin nostalgic, ok??” she captioned a hilarious clip of her and Brown twerking and getting down all over Randall and Beth’s original home in New Jersey. 

The Black Pearsons lived in the New Jersey residence before they moved to Philadelphia in Season Four when Randall joined local politics. 

Watson made the post even funnier by adding Rebecca’s ballad “The Forever Now,” which she performed at Kate and Phillip’s wedding . She also included the hashtag “ThisWasUs.”  

The cast somehow managing to make fans both laugh and cry while reading their tributes perfectly sums up the magic of “This Is Us.”