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TV reporter's daring leap leads to embarrassing split ... in his pants

Call it a split decision. A North Carolina TV traffic reporter decided to get into the act during an on-air story Wednesday by mimicking a cheerleader's mid-air toe touch ... and ended up with a live pants separation that has now gone viral.

"What's so funny is I do this all the time," WXII's Chris Lea told TODAY. "I just normally do it in Spandex, not dress pants. I do the move to jump over people, so I wanted to show the girl, 'Hey, I can do it!'"

When not reporting the traffic in Winston-Salem, it turns out that Lea is an independent pro wrestler — which explains his eagerness to leap in. 

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Lea says long-lost friends and acquaintances have reached out after seeing the video. And his mother and sister, who live in Orlando, Florida, got to see him on the air for the first time thanks to the video airing in their local market.

"It was a proud moment," he chuckled.

And here's proof that Lea can do a split without hurting his clothing; he posed for this engagement photo at the end of last year:



A friend has offered to repair his trousers for free. Lea's advice? "Tell people not to do any stunts in their dress pants."

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