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TV fans say 'thanks but no thanks' to drama -- this week

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"American Horror Story" is one of our picks for best new fall show.

Color me surprised!

For the first time since I can't even remember when, the most popular TV story of the week in The Clicker had absolutely nothing to do with the drama of reality TV stars or bizarre guest appearances on talk shows. Instead, readers were more interested in what the best new scripted programs of the fall would be. (I wish it were already Oct. 5 so you could see how awesome "American Horror Story" -- my favorite of the new shows -- really is.)

But right behind the post on best new shows was ... yep. Something reality-TV related. But it wasn't the usual shenanigans that caught your attention. It was how a news anchor decided to have a little fun after his interview subjects -- Kourtney and Kim Kardashian -- signed off. After making sure that the ladies could no longer hear him, Fox 29's Mike Jerrick decided to mock the reality TV personalities. (Click to watch the video here.)The majority of Clicker readers said on our Facebook page that they thought the bit was hilarious, but there were some folks who disagreed.

"Some of these news dudes are even worse than the Kardashians ... like we care about what or how they think," wrote reader Michael Mastagni on our Facebook page.  "They should be reporting the news, not interpreting reality show participants. I think the dude was smarmy and dumb."

"The Real Housewives" also continued to dominate this week, but it had nothing to do with the tragedy surrounding the "Beverly Hills" cast. When reports started surfacing Thursday that Bravo had let go of three of "New York City's" Jill Zarin, Alex McCord and kelly Bensimon, readers couldn't help but to chime in with their thoughts on whether the show is replacing the right ladies.

"Seriously... Drop Alex, Ramona and Sonja!!! Leave the others and bring on new blood!!! Then the show might get interesting again," wrote reader Kelly Knight Allen on our Facebook page. "I could not get through the season this time because of Sonja and Ramona. Really bad."

"Won't miss McCord or Bensimon but I hate to see Zarin go. She's the only one who makes sense. Ramona really needs to go. And Sonja is a bimbo. I'm done with the show," wrote Patty Jackson.

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