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These TV characters are making our televisions sizzle

There's more than warm summer temperatures and Independence Day fireworks heating things up. Sultry characters from our favorite shows have our TV screens sizzling too. Whether they're on a hot summer program or a regular season fixture on the DVR, these small-screen personalities leave us fanning ourselves.

Alexander Skarsgard: Eric on 'True Blood'
The Viking vamp was so hot in last season's finale that he literally burst into flames. Better enjoy him while you can, because not only is HBO's vampire drama ending after this summer, it's questionable as to whether he'll even survive 'til the last episode.

Is there a sexier vampire alive? We think not!

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Diane Kruger: Sonya Cross on 'The Bridge'
Her El Paso police detective character has Asperger's syndrome and one of the least flattering wardrobes on television, but that's not enough to conceal the former fashion model's arresting appeal.

Tough guys are pretty hot, but tough chicks? Even better.

Justin Theroux: Kevin on 'The Leftovers'
Jennifer Aniston is one lucky lady. Her fiance stars as Kevin, chief of police, in HBO's new drama. A ruggedly handsome man in a uniform. Need we say more?

Paul Schiraldi / Today
Hello, Officer Sexy!

Christina Hendricks: Joan on 'Mad Men'
Those Jessica Rabbit curves! Those smarts! Be still our hearts!

Beauty and brains in a time where women weren't respected in the workplace. What's not to love?

Peter Dinklage: Tyrion on 'Game of Thrones'
The (original) Lion of Lannister's got more wit and brains than all of the men of Westeros combined. And that's pretty darn sexy.

Helen Sloan / Today
His goodness makes him sexier than big bro Jaime.

Samira Wiley: Poussey on 'Orange Is the New Black'
Let's face it: She's just plain attractive. But more than that, Poussey — who has bravely stood up for love — is nice in a not-so-nice environment. 

Jessica Miglio / Today
Orange never looked so hot.

Norman Reedus: Daryl on 'The Walking Dead'
Who doesn't love a tough bad boy? Especially when said bad boy has those amazing guns, a big heart and croons to Lil' Asskicker? *swoon!*

It's like Cupid borrowed Daryl's crossbow and shot us in the heart.

Melissa Rauch: Bernadette on 'The Big Bang Theory'
Don't judge this book by its nasally voice and conservative outfits, because Howard's microbiologist wife packs some serious curves and major smarts into that body. And she looks better in the Cheesecake Factory uniform than even Penny does!

Bernadette is cute as a button and hot as a Bunsen burner!

Charlie Hunnam: Jax on 'Sons of Anarchy'
Yeah, he strips and shows off that fantastic body a lot on the biker drama, but remember that scene in the season two finale when baby Abel was kidnapped? Our hearts broke for Jax as he earned himself the title of Sexiest TV Dad Ever.

Vroooom! Jax gets our hearts racing!

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