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Is Trump a 'Property Brothers' fan? It's DVR'd on Air Force One

The popular home renovation twins of HGTV are just irresistible, no matter what political party you belong to.
/ Source: TODAY

Being president of the United States is a busy job, but there's always time for TV, right? Particularly ... reality TV!

As Associated Press reporter Jonathan Lemire realized while recently flying on Air Force One, it turns out that someone apparently loves to DVR the uber-popular HGTV series "Property Brothers." Lemire posted this picture, which shows a pop-up alert that came on while the reporter was watching another show.

The fact that the president (or some other regular AF1 passenger) is a fan makes sense: Donald Trump has a firm grounding in reality TV, thanks to his hosting duties on both "The Apprentice" and "The Celebrity Apprentice."

Plus, Trump certainly knows about all kinds of interior design, from the relatively humble house he grew up in to the marble-and-gilt lavishness of his adult homes.

Then again, as Vanity Fair suggests, perhaps it's Melania Trump who's interested in home redesign; the first lady only recently moved into the White House, and she did tell People magazine in 2015 that she loves to TiVo shows.

Great Scotts! Jonathan and Drew, of "Property Brothers."
Great Scotts! Jonathan and Drew, of "Property Brothers."Getty Images

Whatever the reason, we're just happy people like watching Jonathan and Drew Scott. It can only be good for ratings! And with this kind of support, we sense those ratings are going to remain huge.

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