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Truly ‘Awkward’: Zac Efron, Miles Teller talk ATV rides, lobster socks

Celebrities now have a whole new reason to be careful about what they tweet: TODAY just might rummage through their social pasts, asking them to back up their funny, cryptic or downright strange postings.

The guys from "That Awkward Moment" stopped by TODAY to talk about the movie's release and also to dish on the details behind some of their tweets in the Orange Room.

Zac Efron tweeted this picture of himself during an ATV ride last September and had this to say at the time:



Here's what Efron had to say about his ride on Tuesday:

Efron's co-star Miles Teller had just returned from a weekend at the Sundance Film Festival, where he happened to tweet a photo of himself wearing a pair of lobster socks before his premiere. Here's the tweet:



Teller disclosed the reasoning behind his affinity for crustacean socks:

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