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'True Blood's' upcoming season will be 'the most shocking yet'

“True Blood” fans who just didn’t get enough vampire-on-wolf violence, outrageous sex scenes and spine-ripping action last season can take heart — according to Jim Parrack, aka Bon Temps regular Hoyt Fortenberry, the upcoming season of the show is packed with more jaw-droppers than ever before.

"(Show creator) Alan (Ball) just debriefed us last week and said, 'Be very, very careful,' so there's not much that I can say about what actually happens," Parrack warned in an interview with New York Magazine before adding, “This is the most shocking season yet. The things that happen with the relationships between people and creatures are so unpredictable and severe, it's wild.”

One of the characters that might get wild in season four is Detective Andy Bellefleur. No, really. It seems the man behind the bumbling lawman, Chris Bauer, spent his between-seasons hiatus getting ready to strip down — if necessary. As for Hoyt, Parrack revealed that he won’t be revealing much at all on camera.

"There are certain people with a certain quality of physique. Why not get those people naked instead?” the actor explained. “And so they do.”

“True Blood” returns to HBO June 26.

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