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'True Blood's' Russell Edgington is back for blood ... and love?

Jason Merritt / Getty Images / Today
"True Blood" star Denis O'Hare at the show's premiere in Hollywood on May 30.

Vampire King of Mississippi Russell Edgington is one passionate bloodsucker on "True Blood." Whether it's his undying love and devotion to his beloved (remember his grief and rage when Talbot was staked?) or his taste for blood and vampire domination (need to rewatch his awesome news segment?), he puts his all into his passions.

In an interview with TVLine, Denis O'Hare, who plays Russell, says that when the vampire returns in season five, "he's lost that state of vicious ambition." In its place? Some humor and ease, the actor said. But don't think that means Russell is going to be the new jester of the bunch.

"Make no mistake: He's still really dangerous, and he still kills a lot of people, but he kills them with glee!" the actor said.

Though Talbot's death in season three may have sent Russell into an unchecked state of the crazies, it seems his cold, dead heart is also about to get a jump start along with his body.

O'Hare told TVLine that in addition to his character's rebirth, love is in the air.

"He falls in love, it comes unexpectedly, it comes when he least expected it," O'Hare told TVLine. "He looked across the room and he saw somebody who he never had thought of falling in love with and something happened. And then later, while sharing a body, something else happens."

Juicy! Even better, it sounds like Russell's new love will come as a big surprise to fans. "(It's) someone you know," O'Hare teased.

So who could it be? We're guessing that since Viking vamp Eric is the one who staked Russell's lover, and Bill, Vampire King of Louisiana, had quite the role in taking Russell down and encasing him in cement, it won't be either of those men.

Season five of "True Blood" premieres Sunday on HBO at 9 p.m.

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