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True Blood's Pam Talks Lesbian Lovin' & Crooning With Alexander Skarsgrd

Pam is definitely the baddest be-yotch in Bon Temps.
/ Source: E!online

Pam is definitely the baddest be-yotch in Bon Temps.

And that's is exactly why we love her. Tho, there's one reason in par-tick we especially heart the bossy babe: her lusty lesbian ways. We've been terribly sad that Pammy hasn't had a ladylove in, like, forever.

So when we caught up with the lovely Kristin Bauer van Straten on the red carpet at Comic-Con's Maxim/FX party, we had to ask her if--despite that rotting puss --she'll get some girl-on-girl action soon...

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"Well, you know on True Blood, man, things have a tendency to get worse before they get better," KBvS dished to us about her onscreen run-in with those spell-castin' Wiccan bitches.

But back to the lezy biz at hand. We loved one idea pitched at last weekend's panel for the HBO hit: Hook up Pam and Tara, now that T's ditched dudes for cage-fighting cuties and all.

In fact, we totally can't believe we didn't think of it first.

"Wouldn't that be fun?" Kristin gushed when we asked if she approved of the pairing.

"I would love to work with [Rutina Wesley]. You never know what these guys are going to write. We hear all sorts of different things, and the cast, we cook up stuff we'd like to see, but it would be pretty interesting because they hate each other at the moment. So how these writers would ever manage that, I don't know. But it'd be fun to see."

Well if they managed to get Sookie to smooch on sexy (but sometimes ber-evil) Eric Northman, we're sure they could find a way for Pammy and Tara to hit the sack.

But what about those cast-generated storylines that Kristin hinted at? We had to hear more....and we were not disappointed:

"I pitched Pam and Eric singing karaoke," Kristin revealed. "And Eric was singing some really sweet, sappy song and Pam was a backup singer, but we have yet to see that."

Her song of choice? " Only the Lonely " by Roy Orbison. It's not exactly what we'd picture Alexander Skarsgrd's boob-tube alter ego croonin', but we dig it. Doesn't seem like the writers will be installing a karaoke machine in Fangtasia anytime soon though.

Which is why Kristin has another idea: "I should do it at home," she joked. "I'm sure Alex'd do it."

We have three words for you, Mrs. van Straten: Instant. YouTube. Hit.

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