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True Blood Recap: Eric Northman, the Innocent?

You know what we were looking forward to this week on True Blood.
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You know what we were looking forward to this week on True Blood.

Oh come on, we talk about it enough! We were majorly excited for amnesiac Eric (Alexander Skargrd) to squirm his ice cold vamp heart into Sookie's life, of course!

Our obsession is only intensifying folks, so were we satisfied with the Eric and Sookie lovin' tonight? And how's about those werepumas (or whatever they are) and witches?

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TV Foreplay: That's what we've deemed the thang that T.B.'s doing with Eric and Sookie (Anna Paquin) this week. We get it: drag their courtship out until we can't take it anymore and then give us that shower scene. It was pretty damn adorable actually, with Eric accidentally eating Sook's fairy godmother and all. Even behind her fake angry stare, you can tell the girl thought it was as cutesy patootsie as ever.

Still, we're impatient people, so next week eh?

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More Insane Supernaturals: Crystal (Lindsay Pulsipher) and Marnie are officially cray-cray. Yeah we thought Crystal was cool in Season 3, but not now that she's has her bf gang-raped in the name of love. It's true that Jason of all people could enjoy this situation, but he doesn't, Crystal, he really doesn't.

And this new witch Marnie (Fiona Shaw, anyone else recognize her from Harry Potter)? Well, her kooky eyes give us the heebie-jeebies and she most def is playing with dark magic--although we're way curious what she's brewin' in that cauldron. Point is she's making Tara's visit suck, so we just don't trust her.

Argh Tommy! The young shapeshifter (Marshall Allman) is seriously pissing us off, that's all. Everyone helps him out and then he screws them behind their backs, and then he pulls the "poor me" skit out of nowhere. Here's to his way cuter older bro Sam Merlotte (Sam Trammell) for dealing with that kid. Hey, our advice is to just hang out more with that sexy "anger management" group of yours. No harm there, bud.

So did you approve of this week's TV foreplay? And do all supernaturals have major psychological problems? What did you think?

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