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'True Blood' makes the big Warlow reveal

Ben? Well...

During some seasons, the drama drags on "True Blood." Viewers wait for the big action and the even bigger reveals while boring B-plots and slow build-ups take the spotlight.

But that's not the case this time around. In episode one of season six, Bill showed off his new nature. By episode two, the human vs. supe war was fully on. And one baddie's bloodlust became clear in the third episode.

So what was the big deal in episode four? What wasn't?! Sunday night's show was packed with Bon Temps shockers.

Ben's big bad secret
When Sookie Stackhouse first met mystery man Ben, he revealed that he, too, is a fairy halfling. What he didn't tell her is that the other half of him is vampire — and not just any vampire. Ben is Warlow.

The truth came out after Ben/Warlow gave Jason a little vamp-triage. For a while, the younger Stackhouse remained none the wiser about Warlow; that is until he came down with one of the typical post-V symptoms -- an unexpected erotic dream about his blood donor. Soon Jason, with a lot of help from his fairy grandfather, figured out Ben's secret.

But neither of them proved to be a match for him. Warlow glammed the whole incident out of Jason's mind, and then he tossed gramps into another dimension. (Come back soon, Niall! And don't forget to bring your crazy hair.)

Good thing Sookie figured out the Ben/Warlow connection all on her own. After examining a drop of his special-variety V, she set a trap. First she invited him to dinner. Then she cooked up a colloidal silver supper with a side of fairy-light seduction.

A vamp is born
While Sookie was busying trying to off an uber-vamp, Eric set about making a new vampire.


In over a thousand years, he'd created just one progeny — the perfectly snarky Pam. But with the LAVTF causing a hostile environment for his kind, Eric decided it was time to expand his family with a member of the governor's family.

With that objective in mind, Eric told Willa that "death is not the end," dug them a ditch for two, and drained his all-too-willing hostage of her human blood supply.

A blissed-out Willa woke the next night ready to stick by her maker's side, but Eric commanded her back to her original father for a painful lesson — for both. The gov felt the pain of seeing his only child become the thing he hates the most. Willa, on the other hand, felt the pain of being shot with vamp-dropping bullets.

Fairy lights out
The family drama continued over at the Bellefluer residence. Sheriff Andy woke to find his darling fairy daughters missing.


Overnight the gals had gone through yet another growth spurt, and this one pushed them straight into late-teen party territory — complete with f-bombs, stolen wheels and their very first beer run.

And their first vampire encounter.

While trying to score some brews, Bellafleurs 1, 2, 3 and 4 met Jessica, who pretended to have party plans of her own. Of course, her real plans involved luring the fairies back to Bill to help in his quest to produce a batch of Tru Fae Blood.

The project left Jessica feeling a little torn. She wanted to do Bill's bidding, but she didn't want to put the girls in harm's way. And let's face it, Bill's pretty harmful these days.

But no worries! Bill was just fine around them — or as fine as a creepy, blood-sample-taking vamp demi-god could be. Instead it was Jessica that Jessica should have been worried about. As soon as she got her first good sniff of the girls, she drained them all.

"Please tell me they're not dead!" she yelled as Bill looked on in horror.

RIP, fairy Bellefluers.