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'True Blood' to kick off final season in June

Get out your hankies, "True Blood" fans! It's going to be a depressing summer. HBO announced that the final season of its hit vampire drama will premiere in June. 

The show has never shied away from death (RIP, Terry Bellefleur, Russell Edgington, Adele Stackhouse, Godrick and many, many others), and the new teaser seems to hint that death is once again in the cards. (Then again, how could it not? Half the cast plays the undead ...)



Could hunky Viking vamp Eric be doomed? Last viewers saw in the season six finale, he was sunbathing in the nude when he burst into flames, having suddenly lost the power to daywalk thanks to Warlow's death stripping lucky vamps of their long-lost ability to enjoy the sun. Then there was the horde of Hep-V infected vampers creeping up on a gathering of humans who were pairing up with uninfected blood suckers to provide untainted meals. 

See how the series wraps up when "True Blood" season seven kicks off June 22 at 9 p.m. on HBO.