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'True Blood' delivers one truly devastating death

RIP, Terry Bellefleur.

The fact that a character died on Sunday night's episode of "True Blood" wasn't a surprise. The death — sans details — was announced over a month ago. But sometimes knowing about something doesn't make it any easier.

In fact, after last week's episode, which left several of Bon Temps' best in danger, the anticipation of doom just made it all that much more devastating.

One-by-one, the likely candidates escaped peril. Eric and Pam outsmarted the Vamp Camp stake-off by killing one of the guards who was meant to kill them if they didn't kill each other. (Follow?) Sookie escaped death when Warlow saved her from her possessed pal Lafayette — and she saved Lafayette from Warlow by explaining that he wasn't exactly himself. And Alcide helped Sam to live to see another day by simply deciding not to kill him.

So it went, save after save. Heck, even Arlene worked out that hubby Terry had a major death wish, and she figured it out in plenty of time to turn things around. With Holly's help, she found a vamp willing to glamour all those haunting images right out of his head — no more war, no more marines, no murder. Terry was a clean slate.

It was nice to see the always-shaky vet finally shake off the fear and anxiety and just live life. Well, live a little life.

While Arlene knew about the death wish, she didn't know about the hit Terry had already put out on himself.

Terry's best day ever was his last one thanks to that prearranged bullet. The devoted husband, father, step-father, cousin, friend and armadillo-caregiver died in Arlene's arms as she sang him a lullaby and cried (along with every Truebie ever).

This one time at Vamp Camp…
While things didn't turn out well for the Bellefleurs, Eric's family had a little better luck. In addition to escaping certain death with Pam, the Viking vamp set in motion an even bigger plan to escape the prison all together.

After the increasingly sadistic governor had Eric's sister, Nora, injected with Hepatitis V (yeah, that's a thing now), Eric summon his new daughter (the gov's old daughter), Willa, to come to his rescue. She did just that by glamming a LAVTF goon.

Before rounding up the rest of the gang, Eric spied Vamp Camp's all-new Tru Blood bottling facility, which appeared to be ready to supply thirsty vamps with their favorite non-living beverage (now with 100 percent more Hep V).

Heads up
Back at Compton Manor, Bill finally realized that Jessica wasn't around anymore. Making matters worse, he couldn't even summon Warlow back to the house after sending him on a save-Sookie mission. So what's an undead demi-god to do? Why, ask his hostage Hiro Takahashi to drain him of almost all of his blood so he can have a comatose catch-up with Lilith — of course.

After a quick "everything is bad, and it's your fault"/"no, it's your fault" chat with his inner proto-vampire, Bill gulped down a vial of Warlow's blood and took a trip to see the governor in broad daylight.

Bill wanted to find out the location of the Vamp Camp sunroom from his visions, but the politico wouldn't give away anything — except his head. Actually, Bill sort of took that.

You do not shake you finger in Billith's face without losing your head, as the Governor learned.

Half-fae, all woman
While everyone else was fighting for something, Sookie was spending some quality time with Warlow in the fairy dimension. The same kind of quality time she used to spend with Bill and Eric — but with restraints and a whole lot more fairy light.

After all, life goes on.

Sookie and Warlow, sitting under some trees ...