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'True Blood' burns up a fan favorite

Sookie goes to war with Warlow on "True Blood."

Sunday marked the end of the sixth season of "True Blood," but fans who tuned in hoping to have all of the loose plot strings tied up on finale night were no doubt disappointed.

Sure, there was plenty of big drama and few shocking scenes, but the season ender provided more questions than answers. 

It also provided a reason for fan rage as one favorite fell.

When the episode opened, the newly freed vamp camp population took to frolicking in the sun thanks to their recent hybrid-fairy-blood-by-way-of-Bill boost. They had it all — playing volleyball, making a Target run, dancing the Charleston ... naked.

Then again, all good things must come to an end. After all of the sun and fun, the vamps lost their ability to play in the day. That was fine for the Bon Temps crowd, who went back to normal after dark.

But Eric happened to be sunning himself on a snow-capped mountain (and reading a Swedish love tome by Hjalmar Soderberg) when the effects wore off. After a brief bit of full frontal nudity, the Viking vampire went up in flames and maybe (but maybe not) met the True Death.

Since he didn't splash into a pool of goo or smolder down to ashes (and there was no sign of Pam, who was on her way to get him), faithful fans will have to wait until next season to learn his fate.

Wicked Warlow
There was a reason Eric and the other daywalkers lost their sunny mojo. The man behind the hybrid blood that brought it all about — Warlow — was no more. Apparently, his magic blood just couldn't go on without him.

But good riddance to the too-good-to-be-believed baddie anyway. Once he found out that Sookie wanted to take things slow and try dating before bonding for all eternity, he let his true nature show. He was going to take her all the same — no matter who tried to save her.

Good thing he never expected fairy grandpa Niall to be one of the ones to come to her aid. Somehow (really, how?!), Niall reached through from another dimension and held Warlow down in the nick of time while Jason swooped in with an old fashion wooden stake.

Plain ol' Bill
As for Billith, he suffered a loss too. It turns out he had the "ith" drained right out of him when he saved the vamp camp gang. Now he's just back-to-basics Bill.

Well, not quite.

After Warlow met the True Death and Eric met the sun, the "True Blood" story jumped ahead six months into the future, where Bill is now the noted author of his not-at-all egotistical autobiography, "And God Bled."

The test
But Bill's book is far from the strangest thing the future holds. Jason is in a monogamous relationship! Sookie's dating a freshly shorn Alcide! Tara's feeding on her mom! And Sam Merlotte is now the mayor of Bon Temps!

No, really.

For Sam's first big initiative, he wants to convince healthy humans and healthy vamps to pair up in a feeding buddy system to help save them all from next season's oncoming menace: roving gangs of Hep V-infected baddies.

Will it work? Find out next year.