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Troubled 'Teen Mom' Jenelle enters rehab

In the midst of mounting legal woes, from a guilty plea on drug paraphernalia charges to an ongoing fight case, Jenelle Evans of "Teen Mom 2" has decided that the best move she could make would be to move into rehab. According to several sources close to the 19-year-old, she's now made that move.

“She's actually excited about going to rehab," Evans' pal, Patrick Williams, told OK! magazine. “She wants this. She wants to grow up. She wants to find a better way to deal with life.”

An insider confirmed the rehab news to Us Weekly and explained that the experience isn’t simply about kicking the habit when it comes to drugs.

“She is clean right now and has been that way for several weeks,” the source said. “She's doing this program to help her cope with all the stress in her life: her family situation, her legal issues, her general anxiety.”

While Evans hasn’t made an official announcement concerning the alleged rehab stint, she has revealed that she’s suddenly living under a stict new set of rules.

“I'm not allowed to have any communication for the rest of the month — phone, Internet, email,” she told RumorFix during a Tuesday morning exception.

Evans also stated that she couldn’t reveal her whereabouts.

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