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Trisha Yearwood shows what a 'real' day looks like with glam-free pic

The country music queen shared a photo of herself "after a hard workout with my trainer, no glam, no lighting, no filter."
/ Source: TODAY

Trisha Yearwood shared a pic of herself without a stitch of makeup on — and her fans went absolutely nuts for it.

The country music queen, 56, posted the fresh-faced photo Tuesday on Instagram hours after sharing a more glamorous selfie. The no-fuss pic showed Yearwood wearing glasses and a white T-shirt. Her hair was pulled back away from her face by a black headband.

"Thanks for all the sweet responses. The selfie I posted earlier was after a photo shoot, so glam goddess @goodwillglendastyle had done hair and makeup for me, I had great lighting, and a filter!" she wrote.

She added, "It’s important for you to know that I have dream days like that, and I also have really 'real' days like tonight... this is me, after a hard workout with my trainer, no glam, no lighting, no filter. Love you guys!!"

Though Yearwood wasn't glammed up in the photo, fans noted that she still looked gorgeous.

"And you're still absolutely breathtaking. Thanks for being real with us — we love you for it," gushed one.

"You're beautiful without the glam too!! I love that you're a real person like the rest of us," wrote another.

Earlier in the day, the "She's in Love with the Boy" singer shared her "dream day" photo that showed her with hair and makeup that looked ready for the red carpet. She also wore several flashy necklaces and large hoop earrings in the shot.

"It’s Tuesday and I have a lot of exciting announcements coming up 🤫 I feel hopeful about the future... it feels good to get excited again!" Yearwood wrote in her caption.

Both photos come less than two months after the three-time Grammy winner tested positive for COVID-19.

One fan who no doubts loves all of Yearwood's looks is her husband, fellow country music star Garth Brooks. During an episode of his Facebook series “Inside Studio G” that aired just days ago, the "Friends in Low Places" singer opened up about why he always bows to Yearwood after they sing duets together onstage.

At first, Brooks, 59, tried giving a phony answer about the sweet tradition.

Yearwood and Brooks tied the knot in December 2005 after several years of dating.Roy Rochlin / WireImage

“I don’t know how to say this, but when we first started singing together, she told me I had to (bow),” he said to the camera as he held one hand over his heart. “After every song, I had to bow to her.”

Despite his deadpan delivery, Brooks let on that he was fibbing when he cracked up laughing.

In truth, said the musician, he bows to "the queen" out of reverence.

“I think it’s just ... respect,” Brooks shared. “Long before I thought it was even possible to date the woman, much less marry her, I was the biggest fan of Trisha Yearwood’s voice you can imagine."

"One of the greatest crimes in country music history right now is that Trisha Yearwood is not in the Country Music Hall of Fame yet," he added. "That is a crime, because I can’t tell you how many people have moved to this town (Nashville) because of this woman’s voice. This is the greatest singer we have in country music, arguably.”