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Tribe switch shakes up ‘Survivor’

Gee, Marcus, maybe throwing the immunity idol into the ocean wasn't the brightest thing ever done on "Survivor."
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The tribe has spoken: "Just when you think you're in control of this game — blindsided." That's what Jeff Probst said to the new Kota tribe after it voted out Marcus, the old Kota tribe's leader. After the tribes were mixed up yet again, each had a majority of second-Kota members, but Susie flipped and voted with Fang to dump her tribe's leader.

Although he'd promised Susie final three, Crystal pointed out that Marcus could make no such promise, considering that several of his alliance members didn't like Susie. Thus, Crystal convinced Susie to dispatch Marcus, describing that in her vote by saying: "You are not the Kota god. Goodbye."

Fake merge, real problems: At what the tribes thought was a merge feast, everyone ate to delay opening a box that was sitting on the table and informed them that the feast would end when it was opened. In the meantime, Kenny and Charlie noticed a clue that identified the location of a hidden immunity idol. Marcus and Randy didn't want anyone on the newly merged tribe to have the idol and potentially save Fang members after the merge, so they played to everyone's reluctance to search for it.

Eventually, everyone agreed to find it and get rid of it. After that, they opened the box only to discover they had to randomly draw numbers and were assigned to new tribes: Bob, Marcus, Susie, Crystal, and Kenny are Kota, while Fang consists of Randy, Charlie, Corinne, Matty, and Sugar.

Marcus throws it all away: The cost of hurling an immunity idol into the ocean the day before you get voted out of "Survivor"? $1 million. Saying "these people are so stupid" after you do that but before they vote you out of the game? Priceless.

King of the arrogant: At the feast, Randy figured out the clue to the immunity idol and dug it out of the sand in seconds, which inflated his ego so much there may not be room for it even in a relatively uninhabited country like Gabon. He declared, "I'm king of Gabon"  and said, "I'm sorry, but I rule. This ocean? It's mine."

Name change: At the immunity challenge, the new Fang tribe announced that their tribe's name was now pronounced "fang," not "fong," the correct pronunciation, because of the negative connotation associated with Fang. Whether it was that or just Matty's willpower, they won the challenge, and as they left, Corinne corrected Jeff Probst when he pronounced their tribe name correctly.  "Don't forget your tribe flag, fang, " Probst replied, sounding like he wanted to say, "Don't forget I'm still the host, Corinne."

A first: Randy is 49 years old, but "Survivor" has offered new experiences. For example, Matty asked Randy how things were with his Kota tribemate Charlie, and Randy said, "Awesome. My first gay friend."

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