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Is Trey returning for the 'Sex and the City' revival? Kyle MacLachlan says ...

The new series will feature several familiar faces, and we want to know if Charlotte York’s ex is one of them.
/ Source: TODAY

Fans of “Sex and the City” have been celebrating the big news since January — the series is coming back in the form of an HBO Max revival called “And Just Like That.”

Along with the celebration has come questions, including who exactly is coming back? For the core quartet at the heart of the story, all will return with the exception of Samantha (Kim Cattrall). And of course, there’s already been a leak about one “Big” male star who won’t reprise his role.

But what about Trey MacDougal, Charlotte York’s ex? Kyle MacLachlan, the man behind the character with mommy issues, spoke about that during a visit to TODAY Monday.

Kristin Davis and Kyle MacLachlan as Charlotte and Trey on "Sex and the City" (2000).(C)HBO / Courtesy Everett Collection

What he revealed is that if Trey is set to return, it’s news to him.

“So far I haven’t heard anything,” the 62-year-old said.

MacLachlan joined the series early in the third season and left when the fourth season wrapped up, so there might not be much to mine from his relationship with Charlotte in the reboot. But that doesn’t mean the star doesn’t see a way to bring his character back.

He simply sees Trey as a better fit in a different series.

“I’m waiting for the ‘Trey and Bunny Show,’” he said with a laugh. “You may remember Frances Sternhagen played my mom (Bunny) in the original.”

How could any fan forget? After all, one of the most memorable scenes from “Sex and the City’s" fourth season involved the moment Charlotte walked in on Trey while he was taking a bath — while Bunny sat next him enjoying a chat with her naked son.

As MacLachlan told TODAY back in 2018, "Anytime I got to work with Frances Sternhagen was a joy because the situations that they had us in as mother and son were so uncomfortable." He then reminisced about that aforementioned moment, adding, "There was one scene in particular when I'm taking a bath and she's sitting on the toilet smoking a cigarette and we're having a conversation. And Charlotte comes in, and of course, Kristin Davis has got the greatest look on her face of shock and disgust and 'Now what do I do?' That was a particularly fond memory."

So, during his Monday interview, the actor, who’s also known for his roles in “Twin Peaks,” “Desperate Housewives” and “Portlandia,” said of his Trey-Bunny idea, “I thought that would be a good spinoff."

And he might be onto something there!