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Trainer predicts failure for one 'Loser'

Lewis Jacobs / NBC / Today
From left, Ramon, John and Sunny take on the dreaded Jacob's Ladders on "Biggest Loser."

“The Biggest Loser” contestants had a lot to be thankful for Tuesday night, as they were presented with loads of Thanksgiving-themed treats.

The first holiday helpings were served up during a temptation challenge. For a shot at premium prizes, such as a 3-pound advantage at the weigh-in, the players could eat as many plates packed with traditional trimming as they wanted to within five minutes.

Everyone grabbed some grub. There were servings of turkey, cranberries, sweet potatoes, pies and more, but the contest wasn’t about the highest calorie consumption. The goal was to find the plate with the lowest number underneath it — which kept the overeating to a minimum. For the price of one plate of ham, Vinny won that coveted 3-pound boon.

In another, far less fun challenge, the players were faced with the dreaded Jacob’s Ladders, otherwise known as the torturous gym equipment that requires endless climbing. The winners had to share their prizes with another player — in the spirit of the season — but no one wanted a share with the top winner. That’s because whoever walked away with the 1-pound advantage had to give a 1-pound disadvantage to someone. That honor and obligation went to John.

It was an interesting time for John to win that prize. As the last remaining member of the red team, he’s really feeling the pressure. He not only has to drop big numbers on the scale to ensure his own safety in the game. He also has to save his trainer. Evidently, if John goes, Dolvett Quince goes too. (Nooooooo!)

Of course, John’s almost always dropped big numbers. In fact, anything below double digits clearly disappoints him.

“If I was at home watching, I would be mad at me for not dropping double digits,” he said. “Millions of people want to be where I am right now. ... I’d better work harder than anybody else.”

Looking straight at the camera with tears in his eyes, he then added, “I got your spot. That’s why you don’t celebrate a 9-pound loss. Right there. I took your spot.”

A nice sentiment, to be sure, but then again, would anyone really begrudge him a 9-pound loss? Sometimes it’s hard to take John’s intensity seriously. After all, this is the same man who actually called Sunny, the teacher, “dumb as poo” at the beginning of the season.

Well, at least someone takes him seriously, and that would be black-team trainer Bob Harper. He’s sure John’s focus will lead him to the finals — just not much further.

“I’ll tell you this right now, as I’m standing here in front of you. Mark my words, he will gain everything back — every bit of it,” Bob insisted.


It'll be some time before anyone knows if that prediction comes true, but for now, John’s still safe in the game. He saved himself by giving (“dumb as poo”) Sunny the 1-pound disadvantage, which kept him over the yellow line.

Sunny wasn’t alone at the bottom. Her blue teammate Ramon was by her side, and after the vote, he was the one who had to pack his bags.

At least for Ramon, losing is almost as good as winning. Going home provided him a chance to reunite with “the love of (his) life” and former fellow competitor, Jessica.

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