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Trailer for new M. Night Shyamalan movie 'Old' already has people freaking out

A family's trip to the beach takes some creepy turns.
/ Source: TODAY

This isn't the same old M. Night Shyamalan movie.

A trailer for the director’s new movie, “Old,” premiered during Sunday’s Super Bowl 55 and has fans shook.

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The trailer features a woman with young kids on a beach. The boy mentions his bathing suit is hurting, and his mother points out it’s small. The children jet off to play hide and seek, and the mother becomes worried when she can’t find them.

Her son then emerges — except he’s years older than he was when they arrived to the beach.

“He was 6 years old this morning,” the mother says.

The trailer then ramps up the creepy factor.

“Mom, I’m scared,” shrieks a pregnant woman, who appears to be a suddenly grown-up version of the boy's little sister.

“There’s something wrong with this beach,” says the mother after seeing two of her children inexplicably age over a decade in minutes.

“We were chosen for a reason,” a man says.

After seeing the trailer, many people were freaked out but also excited to see the film.

"I've never heard of this movie until today. When I tell you that my jaw DROPPED, I am not kidding," one person tweeted. "What a first impression, and what a spot to get, first ad of the Super Bowl! I'm gonna see if I can watch this movie."

"'He was six years old this morning!' That line just got me disturbed," another person commented.

"‘Old’ is an objectively hilarious name for a horror movie," someone else wrote. "The trailer did terrify my four year old, though, so score one for M Night Shyamalan."

"Old," which stars Gael García Bernal and Eliza Scanlen, is scheduled for release on July 23.

Shyamalan, who currently produces the Apple TV+ series "Servant," earned two Oscar nominations when he burst on the scene in 1999 with “The Sixth Sense.” His films, which also include “Glass,” “Split,” “The Village” and “The Visit,” often feature a surprise twist at the end.