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Tragic situation to strike during ‘House’ finale

Entertainment Weekly’s Michael Ausiello dishes on the big developments coming up for season finales of your favorite shows, including “House,” “CSI,” “Glee” and more.
/ Source: Entertainment Weekly

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Question: We’re due for a really good Huddy scene on “House.” —Juliana

Ausiello: I think there’s one coming in the season finale. “The finale is sort of a very unusual circumstance in that it [deals with an emergency] outside of the hospital,” explains exec producer Katie Jacobs. “Every doctor in the area is basically called because it’s a genuine, immediate, tragic situation. Fans can expect to see a heroic House, and that’s not lost on Cuddy at all.”

Question: Please tell me that “CSI” is taking Catherine/Vartann further. Catherine hasn’t had a stable relationship on the show in 10 years and I really loved their scenes earlier this month. —Steph

Ausiello: I hear we’ll find out exactly where things stand with those two in the season finale. Same goes for Wendy and Hodges.

Question: What else can you tell me about “The Big Bang Theory’s” flashback episode on May 17? —Charlie

Ausiello: We’ll find out that the roommate contract Sheldon made Leonard sign back in 2002 included a deal point that required them to watch a certain sci-fi show every Friday night. Guesses? Hit the comments!

Question: Is it just me or has “Glee” downplayed Quinn’s pregnancy in these first two episodes back? —Jen

Ausiello: It isn’t just you, Jen. “In the first 13 episodes, we had way too much baby drama with Terri and the fake baby,” says series creator Ryan Murphy, “so one of the things we’ve pulled back from is the pregnancy story. Quinn’s clearly pregnant, but…she has other things going on. We don’t go overboard on it anymore.” That said, the teenage mom-to-be will give birth in the finale. “When it comes to that scene,” says portrayer Dianna Agron, “I might talk to my mother and a few other women in my life to get the lowdown on what should happen and what it should look like.” Already, she adds, “People have been freely sharing their horror stories with me left and right!”

Question: I’m so desperate for a scoop on “One Tree Hill.” Please help me. —Anna

Ausiello: The CW soap returns Monday with an episode that features blackmail, a marriage proposal, a pregnancy test, and um…er…one other thing I’m forgetting.

Question: Have we seen the last of Katherine on “Desperate Housewives”? —Carol

Ausiello: For this season, yes. But if Dana Delany’s ABC pilot, “Body of Evidence,” fails to earn a pickup, she’ll most likely be back in the fall. “We’d love to have her back, but obviously for her sake, I hope her pilot goes,” says exec producer Bob Daily. “Marc [Cherry] has said that she has an open invitation to return next season if it doesn’t.”

Question: Any scoop on a possible Olivia-Peter romance on “Fringe”? —Ella

Ausiello: As the season winds down, the “primary question is going to become what will happen to their relationship once [Peter] finds out the truth about who he is?” offers executive producer Jeff Pinkner. “Will that forever shatter what is building between them?” It’s the ol’ answer-a-question-with-a-question tactic! I’m on to you, Pinkner!

Question: Your May Sweeps Scorecard is making my palms sweat. Is  “Fringe” represented in any of those categories? —Dave

Ausiello: “Fringe” is represented in at least two categories, one of which is “Confirmed Fatalities.”

Question: Now that “Parenthood” has officially been renewed, please tell me Jason Ritter will be picked up for more episodes. His chemistry with Lauren Graham is so surprisingly perfect. —Wendy

Ausiello: I’m happy to report that Ritter is definitely returning for the May 25 season finale. A season 2 comeback, however, is very much up in the air. I’m guessing E.P. Jason Katims is waiting to see what happens with the actor’s NBC pilot, the dramatic thriller “The Event.” In other P’hood news, ex-SNLer Michaela Watkins is guest-starring in the finale as a parent at Sydney’s school (Sydney being Erika Christensen’s daughter).

Question: I will do anything for a season 5 “Dexter” scoop. A.N.Y.T.H.I.N.G! —Bill

Ausiello: Production starts in early June. Hey, you said A.N.Y.T.H.I.N.G!

Question: Do you have any idea what “Curb Your Enthusiasm’s” eighth season will be about? It’s going to be hard to top the Seinfeld reunion. —Andy

Ausiello: Larry David is notoriously tight-lipped about storyline stuff, but this much I can tell you: A good chunk of the season will be shot on location in New York. Is a Broadway comeback in his future? Let the speculation begin!

Question: I can’t wait for “Modern Family’s” big Hawaiian vacation. Anything you can tease? —Isobel

Ausiello: I’ve got three words for you: Manny. No-fly. List.

Question: Regarding the death coming up on “Private Practice,” is it going to stick? —Krista

Ausiello: Yes.

Question: “Private Practice” has been rocking. Any scoop? —Amanda

Ausiello: Cooper and Charlotte are poised for a reunion. “We’ve been watching Cooper and Charlotte sort of deal with their own crap, and [now] they’re coming around to a reconciliation,” confirms E.P. Shonda Rhimes. “[But] I think it will be surprising to the audience the way it happens.”

Question: Do you know what is going on in the season finale of “Supernatural”? —Elena

Ausiello: I don’t, but exec producer Sera Gamble does: “We’re leading up to the big Death Match between Lucifer and Michael, which would cause the destruction of half the planet,” she previews. “Sam and Dean, of course, are trying to throw a wrench in the works — but these are the most powerful beings they’ve ever been up against, so their odds aren’t great. Sam comes up with an incredibly risky Hail Mary to defeat Lucifer, which involves spending some very creepy, violent one-on-one time with the guy. Terrible for Sam, but pretty damn fun to watch.”

Question: You created a list of finale dates, which was really nice. Could you also make a list of all the new shows premiering in May? And maybe if you are feeling really nice all the ones returning this summer? —Kim

Ausiello: No. I’m sorry, but I have to draw the line somewhere.

Question: I was wondering if you had any news about the season finale of “Life Unexpected”? —Lily

Ausiello: Big news: Sources confirm to me exclusively that it aired two weeks ago and some girl named Lily totally missed it!

Question: Does a character from “Gossip Girl” occupy one of the 18 confirmed or seven possible fatalities on your lovely May Sweeps Scorecard? —Christopher

Ausiello: Yes, there is a space reserved for an Upper East Sider in one of those two categories.

Question: Have you heard anything about the future of “Chuck”? —Kevin

Ausiello: Only that a fourth season isn’t the foregone conclusion that I thought it was, hence my decision to downgrade the show from “safe bet” to “could go either way” on my Bubble Show Scorecard. Probably not the news you were hoping for.

Question: Anything else you can tell us about the “Chuck” finale? —Henry

Ausiello: I can’t remember what I’ve already reported, so here’s a rundown of everything I know about the two-hour climax on May 24:

Question: “NCIS” season finale scoop, please! —Charlotte

Ausiello: The episode’s titled “Rule Fifty-One,” it airs May 25, and Gibbs ends up in Mexico for a showdown with a revenge-seeking drug cartel (cue the life-changing decision we’ve heard so much about). The cliffhanger ending, meanwhile, is so top-secret exec producer Shane Brennan decided to leave it out of the official script. Which leaves me no other choice than to track down the raw footage. And I will track it down.

Question: Today my school was transformed into Burleson University for an episode of “Friday Night Lights.” Do you know why? —Megan

Ausiello: That’s where Julie will be attending college in season 5. And this is the guy she’ll be majoring in (the young naked guy, not the old wrinkly dude).

Question: What do I have to bribe you with to get some amazing “90210” finale scoop? —Ken

Ausiello: A dozen of these delivered to my office by week’s end. Do that and I’ll tell you who [bleep] [bleep] at West Beverly.

Question: On the 100th episode of “Bones,” who was the old man at the copy machine? He must be someone special to get that kind of screen time. —Becki

Ausiello: I’d say he’s special: His name’s Dave Roberts, and he’s David Boreanaz’s father!

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(Additional reporting by Carrie Bell and Tim Stack)