Tracy Morgan shares home with 7 sharks: 'I don't think it's normal'

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By Randee Dawn

Galeophobics might want to stay away from Tracy Morgan's home. That's because past the wall-sized mural of famous comedians (including Lucille Ball, George Carlin and Jackie Gleason) the former "30 Rock" star's New Jersey digs, he's got a 3,500 gallon shark tank in his man-cave.

And it's full.

TODAY'S Jill Martin was lucky enough to get a tour of the home, and an extended look at the exotic fish and seven sharks that populate the tank, which is framed in a shark-and-boat tribute to the film "Jaws." 

"I was always fascinated with marine life," Morgan told her, citing marine biologist Jacques Cousteau as a big influence. "So when I had the resources, I wanted to build a nice big shark tank in my house."

The over-$400,000 cost of the installation seems worth it to Morgan, though. Whether it's normal or not, however, is not keeping the new dad up at night.

"I don't think it's normal," he said. "But hey, you know, I love it."