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Tracy Morgan: 'I'm throwing myself in the mix' for David Letterman's job

David Letterman just announced his retirement a week ago, but he doesn't plan to step down from his "Late Show" duties until 2015. Still, it's never too soon for a successor to step up, as actor-comedian Tracy Morgan proved on TODAY Thursday.

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Tracy Morgan: ‘Jimmy Fallon needs some competition’

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Tracy Morgan: ‘Jimmy Fallon needs some competition’

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"I'm throwing myself in the mix!" the former "30 Rock" star told Matt Lauer.

But what would make Morgan's late-night TV effort stand out?

"I don't know, but it would be a different perspective," he insisted. "We'll shake the game up. I think Jimmy Fallon needs some competition out there."

Morgan has the whole thing sorted out, right down to his band — or bands.

"It would be different every night," he said. "It might be Drake one night; it might be Sly & the Family Stone one night; it might be War one night; it might be the Doobie Brothers one night. I'm going to shake it up, be creative."

And nothing proves that more that his celebrity-guest wishlist.

"Bruce Vilanch!" he said. And if he doesn't snag the classic comedy writer? "The black dude from 'Magnum PI' — if he doesn't want too much. Who knows?"

And when it's time to sign off at the end of the show, Morgan knows just what to tell the crowd: "Who's coming with me? I don't know where I'm going, but who's coming with me?"

While that late-night gig is still up in the air, Morgan has plenty of other projects to entertain his fans. "Bona Fide," his one-hour stand-up show, will premiere on Comedy Central April 20 at 10 p.m. His latest animated film, "Rio 2," hits theaters April 11. And in May, he'll launch his new comedy tour, "Tracy Morgan: Turn it Funny."