'Toy Story' Woody doll lost on highway inspires Internet helpers

Image: Woody doll

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By Kurt Schlosser

Missing a hand but still smiling, a "Toy Story" Woody doll lost along a British highway is the subject of an Internet campaign aimed at reuniting him with his rightful owner.

Woody the talking cowboy was voiced in the animated film series by Tom Hanks and owned in the movies by a boy named Andy, whose name was written on the bottom of the doll's boot. The doll found on the M4 near Gloucestershire, England, has the name Liam scrawled on the boot and was found by a motorist named Bev McNeill, according to the Daily Mail.



"I think some little boy was playing with him near the window and he got dropped out," McNeill said to the Daily Mail. "It was so sad to see him lying there on the side of the road — just like in the movie."

McNeill said she didn't have a chance to stop and get Woody when she first saw him from her car, but made a note of where he was along the highway near Heathrow Airport. She stopped in slower traffic several weeks later and retrieved the doll.

The Twitter hashtag #GetWoodyHome was trending on Wednesday as fans of Disney's beloved three-film series re-tweeted news of the lost toy and pleaded for his safe return to Liam. A page on Facebook also aimed to spread the word.

Speculation was already mounting that Buzz Lightyear may have again pushed Woody out of the car, illustrating that he still hasn't gotten over their 1995 fight.

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