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Tot breaks down after learning 'American Idol' results

Phillip Phillips' "American Idol" win may have made some viewers happy, but it left one little girl heartbroken. A home-video-turned-viral-video featuring a young Jessica Sanchez supporter reveals just how hard the tot took the news.

With tears streaming down her face, Laney complained "Jessica didn't win!"

Mom, heard off-camera, tried to console Laney by explaining that "it's not a big deal," but she soon tried another tactic.

"They were just joking," mom said. "Jessica really did win. Phillip had to go home!"

Laney knew better, and her tears went on and on.

"You want to call 'American Idol' and tell them (how mad you are)?" mom asked.

Laney calmed down for a moment. "You know its number?"

Laney may be the latest kid whose "Idol" tears were caught on camera, but she's far from the only one. Back in 2008, when David Archuleta and David Cook faced off in the "Idol" finals, a group of girls became a YouTube sensation for their mass meltdown when Cook took the top prize.

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